20 September 2016

The Waves of Flux: A Conversation with Archangel Zadkiel Part Two ~ Jim Self

This is an excerpt from a conversation between Zadkiel and Jim Self in the development of the Mastering Alchemy Lightbody course.

Another message about "Waves".....

Part 1 is here.

Source: Mastering Alchemy

Zadkiel:These are very exciting times. One particular wave of energy begins about every thirty days. I begins in a very unique way, and builds as the wave crests. And then you see, within the thirty days following, a coming down in which these patterns begin to stabilize in the fluidity. Then it will be as if you can take a big breath of relief.
And the more your particular collective is able to embody this fluidity and allow it, the appearance of the waves will be lessened as more of humanity begins to flow into it. Even though you are not fully aware of it, you have already begun the process. The information you share and you teach will be very beneficial, not only to the individuals who are your students. They will become less reactive and will in turn help others in their life to adjust to the new fluid energetics.

Jim: Wonderful!

Zadkiel: There will be much change within the next years of your time. And part of the reason for the energetics, and the restraints and stabilization being removed, is to accelerate and push the process quicker. It is also to help it unfold in a more smooth manner, as there will be many who will opt to leave. There will be much concern, and much emotional upheaval, not only for those who are embodied, but also for Mother Earth and Earth herself. Her emotional body, will be very affected because of the very many physical changes that are occurring and will continue to escalate. It will be, at times, a very rough ride.

Remember, I have said this is an experimental process that is occurring. It is hoped that by bringing in these energetics in this manner, removing some of the restraints and bringing them in in waves, that it will subvert much of the predicted outcomes of these changes. The more of those embodied who can maintain their physicality through these changes, the better. But it will require many to look at many things in regards to their reality, and be willing to change and create alternative realities for themselves.  Along with this fluidity there must be willingness to create differently. It will be very interesting to see in these experiments how the fourth, fifth, and sixth Ray energetics will be utilized to stabilize the fluidity so it is useable.

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