07 September 2016

The Way Home: Shift into the 7th Dimension on Earth a Message from Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin ~ 4 September 2016

Many good bits in this message ~ I took what resonated and moved on.

Quick reminder: Earth will eventually become a Star; the 13-Chakra System diagram is below (I first saw it in a Sheldan Nidle webinar, but I don't know the source); the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings triggered shockwaves of alarm across the Cosmos.

I cannot speak for Elizabeth Trutwin, but I'd like to suggest that the general impression is that the SSP and Anunnaki-related sources regard almost all ETs and subterranean Beings as mostly negative in nature. This skewed perception of the SSP may explain the nature of this message.

Source: Cosmic Ascension

Earth Star is bursting into the 7th Dimension in this arm of the Milky Way Galaxy and it is a BIG deal. This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin. You just may be feeling the effects in your day-to-day experience. Since the Opening of the Lion’s Gate the Master Cycle continues as you are lifted in frequency all over the Planet into 7th Dimensional vibrations. Many have become trapped in their own fears and they believe any counterculture story out there. They are told the opposite of what is true in the stories coming out and spiral out of control. Don’t let this happen to you. As you find you are angry you likely are stuck, cornered by lies. Let it all go.

Begin to learn new ways to navigate the high frequencies opening the door for you to become a 7th Dimensional Being. You can expect, when consistently doing the Inner work to be able to achieve your Higher Gifts now; healing, meditation, etheric travel, telepathy, mantra, inner sight and others. It is possible to achieve these things now as you hold less resistance in the higher vibrations. Become a student of these skills as you work toward your individual Ascension in a body. That means you become immortal again, raised from the Fall into 3D. You have done this before and must remember again how to accomplish the Ultimate Liberation. Many Unseen are helping you. Sense their transmissions of love. We invite you to ask for transmissions as needed.

As the Lion’s StarGate at An in Orion opened, a kind of Extraterrestrial Technology or a Force of Nature poured forth the Light Codes from beyond Galactic Center. Both explanations are true. This allowed your 13 chakra system to be activated and your DNA is fully activated and able to carry within it’s programming the Diamond Light aligning Planet Earth and all on Her in the Earth Grid within the Universal Hologram at the 7th Dimension. Those leaving the Planet now have made their own decision to stay within the lower dimension of Earth. Many will be leaving now. That is what happens whenever there is an end of a Cycle of Time.

The Human Form extends throughout the Universe. Your intuitive brain is stronger now. It is a wise personal practice to read the ancient texts instead of jumping from one bought out liar after the other on the blogs. Read the Galactic Teachings left by your ancestors to Guide you now. There are examples in every major religion and spirituality. Read what resonates with you. The Mazzaroth, the Masnavi, Book of Enoch, Pistis Sophia, the Avesta, Ramanyana, Upanishads, Jatakas, Tao te Ching. All of these books and many others were written by Ancient Astronauts and hold the Universal Key Codes of Truth. Time is spent wisely now reading that and allowing the outer world to take care of itself. The biology of humanity is the same throughout the Universe as all go through their own dimensional shift relative to where they are.

This is a very stressful period. Everyone is going through vigorous and challenging changes, some barely staying afloat. Life spontaneously evolves in the presence of stress. It shows new solutions which could not be understood other ways. That is because you are responsible for your Ascension so the opportunities to choose, learn and grow are abundantly available now. This Dimensional Shift is necessary as Planet Earth, with our whole Solar System, is moving to another area of Space. This Solar System was knocked off course some time in the past due to thousands of years of continuous war. Many Planets suffered damages to their electromagnetic grids. It caused their orbits to veer off course. All are aligning with their original course again. There has never been in history a Dimensional Shift which has moved this quickly. As you emerge into your rightful place in the Milky Way Galaxy, as the Planets arrange into their natural place, you are able to know the Essence of the Creator with deeper knowledge.

A sincere effort is needed now to raise your Consciousness to that of LOVE. Your new understanding cannot be sustained without it. Those who love wealth and power, even self-proclaimed lightworkers who assume greed cannot touch them, will exit Earth now. Since the very foundation of their existence has changed, their life form which is not raised in frequency will project elsewhere. Each of us is only a projection, afterall. Come into a deep state of union with your consciousness. Moving toward your Ascension means you remember you came from the Cosmos and you enter into a State of Being resonate with nature, bliss, joy and all understanding. You will have no more questions when you have achieved this.
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