10 September 2016

Tri Sphere - Group Meditation Amplification Technique ~ Untwine ~ 8 September 2016

There is no way I can verify if it works, but sometimes (depending on the "feel" of the meditation at that particular time, because I will admit that sometimes it does not feel safe to do this) I will intend for my meditation effort to be amplified many-fold.

Source: Recreating Balance

This technique was given by a Dragon group with the purpose of increasing the effect of any group meditation, and also increase harmony within our groups. As we are entering the last phase of our liberation, one of the last remaining factor to help trigger the Event is for the general population to generate a strong enough impulse to manifest the breakthrough by using our manifestation power with decisions, meditations, actions, etc.
The Breakthrough will happen no matter what, regardless of whether or not we send this impulse, but it would be much slower and less comfortable process if we do not do it.
As we may not always reach the critical mass for our meditations, this technique can help us to
compensate on some levels. This does not mean that, for example, the critical mass needed to have the final desired effect of the weekly meditations put out by Cobra would be lower, as Cobra explained this number of 144000 participants is fixed. It just means that we can increase the coherence and the effect of what we are doing.
This technique can be used for any meditation, by small and big groups, who meet physically or not.

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