19 September 2016

Trinity's Conscious Kitchen

Apart from a couple of exceptions, I usually avoid posting articles or messages that may only be applicable to a small group of readers, such as those about food or diet (specifically for vegetarians or vegans). This time is another such exception :)

I've enjoyed so many sites of highly creative and gifted vegetarian/vegan chefs over the past few years. They have been both inspiring and educational, appealing not only to the physical senses but oh-so-pleasing to the non-physical ones as well. Trinity's Conscious Kitchen is one of those that has an added ingredient (no pun intended!)....Soul!

So, for vegans/vegetarians..... enjoy this feast for your senses!

Psst.....the recipes are so fabulous, I'm quite certain they will appeal even to the non-vegetarians!

Head over to Trinity's website to be delectably inspired.....