16 October 2016

A Small Fragment of Solara's October 2016 Surf Report

"We are quickly approaching the Mother of all Tipping Points which will flip everything over and turn duality Inside Out. This will completely reset and rearrange all our lives. There's a strong potential that this Tipping Point may well happen in October."

Source: The NVisible


October is an intense month of totally OFF THE MAP new energies which will greatly transform us. This month will be full of numerous unexpected events that align us with our True, Authentic Selves. October will also be filled with multiple challenges and personal tests, as well as a somewhat daunting list of urgent things to do. But we will be up to the challenge!

A powerful RESET is happening on many fronts. October is a month of Convergence on multiple levels as the True Ones emerge, not only to speak their Truth, but to serve as living embodiments and anchor points of the New Reality. This is happening all over the world. We are converging so we can strengthen the resonance of the New Reality and turn the old world of duality Inside Out.

The misaligned, alien forces who have long been in control of this planet and who have tried to keep us dumbed down, numbed out and in a state of robotic acquiescence are now realizing that humanity is undergoing a mass awakening and that they are losing their control over us. This is causing them to take desperate measures.

Every day we can feel and see the unraveling of the old, extremely toxic, expired paradigm of duality. The blatant flaunting of corruption at the highest levels of business and government is being exposed daily, then casually brushed off, while most people don't even notice or care. The figurehead leaders of these corporate / government entities give idle lip-service to humanitarian concerns all around the planet, while continuing to desecrate the natural environment and weaken the health of the populace at an ever accelerating rate. With a sense of frantic desperation, manufactured "terrorist" events are being continually created to keep the populace ensnared in the chains of fear. But this no longer works with us.

If we look at the surface view of what is going on, everything can appear hopeless. Much has already passed the Point of No Return. And many of the portion of humanity which are finally awakening to see what is really going on, are still in the stage of rubbing the sand out of their eyes and shaking off their lifetimes of slumber. How can we achieve the nearly impossible? How can we turn Inside Out this terrible, distorted, science fiction drama currently playing itself out on the field of duality?

We do know that we cannot vanquish duality by using the methods of duality. We have to do something that is completely Off the Map of the Known. We have to anchor our beings and ground our actions on an expanded level that is far beyond the scope of duality. This is the New Reality of AN. Even then, we wonder if duality is too firmly entrenched to make our efforts effective. At times, it appears impossible....

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