26 October 2016

Anchoring the Divine Feminine (Excerpt) ~ Matt Kahn ~ 11 October 2016

** Text:
The moment something comes into your awareness and it bothers you, that is Life's way of saying "You can contribute right now".....It only bothers you when you're not a part of this.

We have to anchor the Feminine as passionately as people are outwardly expressing their rage, confusion and frustration. The biggest dilemma on the Spiritual landscape of this world right now is that loving Beings don't love as ferociously as dark Beings hate and hurt.

And when you start loving as passionately as people are interested in hating and hurting, you will start living in a different world. I live in a different world, and I'm inviting you to move yourself in.

*Matt Kahn, "Anchoring the Divine Feminine" (@ 41-minutes)

Matt's video is hereOne of his best that I've seen, in my opinion. I posted the video some days ago and have just finished viewing it. If you're in need of some high-vibe pep talk as well as sound reminders of what you're here to do, this would do perfectly! Full of Divine Gems throughout.

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