16 October 2016

Aries Full Moon Entering Global Consciousness This Weekend ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 16 October 2016

Source: Meg Benedicte

The energy has been building all week, hurtling towards this weekend’s Full Moon, conjunct Uranus and Eris at 22-23º Aries. Also Mars joins Pluto in Capricorn with fiery aggression opposing entrenched institutions and corrupt regimes. This powerful transit is kicking up all kinds of dirt in the global consciousness, highlighting prevailing injustices against humankind and our beloved planet. We see examples in growing outrage against rampant sexism and abuse towards women and native American Indians joining forces to protect our land and water from the oil industry.

This Aries Full Moon is the perfect time to funnel Mars anger and Uranus restructuring into positive change and improvements. Ride the wave and take action, set healthy boundaries and demand justice! The Uranus-Eris astrology represents the current digital age with a social media/internet revolution occurring all around the world.

Eris is the archetype of the feminine warrior charging into battle with focused purpose – determined to destroy the abusive patriarchal system. It cannot survive in the spotlight as more and more souls embrace their divine feminine with respect and honor.

We are witnessing a crisis point of massive proportions. In the US election, Trump supporters are demanding the repeal of the 19th amendment that gives women the right to vote in an attempt to lock in patriarchal control. The two candidates reflect the masculine and feminine shadow aspects of the human condition. Can this get any more absurd? If we were not already involved in a life-altering Ascension, I would lose all hope.

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