10 October 2016

Cobra's Update and Personal Thoughts


An unsettling report from Cobra, for sure. And yet, not totally unexpected if we understand that a dangerous beast reaches its height of terror when its potential end is in sight. It will unleash everything it has in its cache and battle till its last breathe, in the belief that it has nothing to lose.

Cobra's account also explains the stark reality that the awakened population sometimes behaves like its own enemy.

Far from being discouraged, I feel that it just serves to bold, highlight and underscore how critical this phase is and how vitally crucial it is for each of us to stand up and be counted. We must have progressed to the stage where they are driven to take such extreme and drastic measures to beat us back.

It's time for us to also unleash whatever we have in our spiritual cache and reject this false paradigm that has gone on for FAR TOO LONG. It's time for us to focus on creating a reality of empowered and Sovereign individuals, with no room for those who are not aligned with Oneness, Unity and Love.

Humanity as a Collective has given tacit consent for them to continue churning out program after program with parameters that increasingly diminish our real existence. We have been sustaining and maintaining this fake world for them with our creator energies and abilities through silent acquiescence.

This needs to stop, and every awakened individual needs to start creating our Golden Age world right here, right now. We do this by living like the Higher Consciousness Being that we were always meant to be, and are now becoming once again. We raise our frequencies with whatever method that works best for us. If we fall in vibration, we pick it up again as soon as we can.

Cobra states,
They send a constant audio video stream of whatever you see and hear into the mainframe computer of the Chimera group.
I'm thinking this means we ensure that we stuff our visual and audio senses with high-vibrating things like beautiful harmonious sounds and music, scenes of Mother Nature's wonders, uplifting stories and videos. We surround ourselves with high energies as much as possible. We give them visual and audio feedback that's saturated with Love and Light. Think of it as a Love-Light virus with which we can infect their computer.

This is no time to be the armchair critic with commentary for every development or setback. It's really time for us to put on the big girl/big boy pants, and step into those bigger shoes.

Keep our vibes high, and let's BE that creator Being that we truly are!

Namaste and Blessings :)