17 October 2016

Connecting Consciousnes with Simon Parkes and JayPee ~ 16 October 2016

** Updated with some highlights **

I haven't yet properly listened to this, please listen to the session here.

I'm not sure if I'll get to notes, what with time being a huge factor, but please do remember that what each source presents is from one perspective only. I've found that the only way to navigate the information deluge with some degree of sanity is to see it from as many perspectives as possible.

Update: 20 October 2016
Here are some highlights of this interesting session; it's definitely one to which I enjoyed listening. Text in ochre are my additions.
  • Simon presents an update of key developments that are connected with ensuring on-going control over Humanity and the Planet. There were attempts to initiate WW3 but thankfully this possibility has been averted. It's getting more crazy because "....this is really the crunch moment"
  • Simon expects a financial crash to happen in January/February 2017
  • Simon mentions that his time has been taken up by other's issues (I'm highlighting this because this is the same case for me, and I have a feeling for many others as well. People in our lives are going through very challenging experiences, and we are the ones they are turning to for help.)
  • The reincarnation grid that's trapped is from the Orion Empire; this includes the Going-Towards-The-Light "hook"
  • Djinns are like Demons, but frequency of the former are "spikey", stand-alone, and is connected to the Planet (they have this right). The latter have no rights or connection to the Planet. no physical body but can take shape, can't exist on the Planet for very long periods, and are between 3D and 4D.

  • Archons are construct of thought matter, similar to silicon chip, doesn't understand organic existence and connection to Source. Industrial Revolution is example of Archon influence. They are "above" the Reptilians and therefore manipulate them. Archons appear in Galaxies, drawn to specific energy signatures and then corrupt and manipulate civilisations
  • Transhumanism is Archonic, since they despise organic life; they are like the Borgs. Archons move Humanity away from physical expressions and into artificial constructs
  • Reptilians don't wish to be under their control AI control, but it was them who unwittingly brought this virus with them via their infected computers and ships, thus spreading AI throughout Galaxy
  • There exist AI "souls" that have incarnated in human bodies, but Simon doesn't know how this happened. In such cases, the physical body is weak because it is attempting to reject the AI
  • Simon reminds us that Earth is the firewall to AI; this is also one of the reasons why many Races are involved in its eradication.

  • Water contains history, information and future programs, it's therefore a good medium for sound and Light. Rain is like encoded Consciousness spreading data through Trees via roots that connect with water courses all over the Planet. That's why Elementals are generally found near water sources like pools, lakes
  • Karma ~ if negative deed is done because of blackmail or mind-control, there is no karmic consequences although it will be doubly worse for the person who forced the situation. Negative initiations into Elite groups also serve as potential blackmail fodder in the future
  • YT video "Alien Autopsy" is fake. False "evidence" like this is intentionally planted to fool and ridicule believers, further compromising their integrity. It's a double-bluff agenda
  • Two crafts did crash at Roswell ~ the purpose is a deliberate seeding of technology on the Planet a ala Trojan Horse. It's about miniaturisation of circuits. A Senior Chaplain was ordered to counsel and prepare soldiers for ET existence two weeks prior to Roswell, thereby providing further proof that they knew about this plan in advance. (But WHO was behind this Trojan Horse agenda to seed tech?)

  • Question from parent who educates his 5-year-old about truths ~ chakras, meditation, reincarnation grid, Galactic Councils etc. Is he doing the right thing? Simon would do the same if he were in this parent's position, but he would also explain that this information isn't accepted outside, and that the son would have to give the system the answers that they want. In other words, a dual-education system. Simon also suggests including information about the physical body such as meat in the diet, innoculation, fluoridated water. (I would like to briefly share my own experience. I raised my daughter in exactly the same way ~ dual education ~ and have absolutely no regrets even though the system "won" in the end through societal conditioning, media influences, peer pressure and programming aka behavioural control.)
  • Committing murder is not something positive forces resort to, but what they will do is to limit capability of negatives eg. deactivating nuclear weaponry or scrambling computer systems. They will also wait for the negatives to be the first to draw the gun. Simon assures us that the negatives will be removed, and that this process is about to start. There are also a number of good people in high places who will reveal themselves in due time
  • Clowns traditionally have negative energies
  • We're being awashed in energies ~ high vibrational energies (from the Cosmos) and negative artificial electronic pulses
  • Caller reported that recently-passed mother successfully escaped the Grid by following Simon's advice ("I want to go back to Source" mantra before sleeping). Simon repeats that holes have already appeared in the Grid.

@ 1:05:55-hours
  • Corporations may own the physical bodies that have been artificially created (in Dulce) but from Source's point of view, they don't. Just like Reptilians present themselves are Humanity's creator but they aren't. Clones are hard to animate without a Soul, so "Blank Souls" are used. These are artificially created and robotic, and can be placed in bodies. Hillary's brain damage is so severe that the potential mapping of her Soul onto a clone is not not possible. Therefore they have to resort to using "Remote Souls" which can only function for about an hour or so (Could this explain the almost-robotic or puppet-like movements which we saw in the 911 anniversary video of her getting into the black van?)
  • Souls that do not agree to be placed in bodies can still be made to do so. Each Race will use different techniques to do this Soul transfer. Simon describes this procedure in more detail at the 1:11:00-hour mark
  • Greys appear more brutal because they do not understand emotions whilst Mantids have learnt to do so. Reptilians had to learn how to smile to put a young Simon at ease the first time he met them, but he found their forced expressions disturbing.

@ 1:20:12-hours
  • Young children who are telepathic may not pick up physical social graces (gestures, facial expressions) so they have less connection with Humanity that way (it's said that this is the reason why highly telepathic/savants labelled "Autistic" behave this way)
  • Sirius A Beings gave time travel technology that was meant to entrap Humans (eg. Montauk, Philadephia). Simon explains in more detail; JayPee likens this to a "virus" much like the AI contagion
  • Caller has Pleidian and Reptilian origins, which are not compatible ~ how is this possible? Simon explains that this is the bigger plan, the Bigger Picture. There are good Reptilians who wish to change. If a person has two diametrically opposing origins, this is fantastic opportunity to learn to find common ground on which to work, and the experiences are used for others to learn and Source to observe. Ultimately, this is the only way forward (Maryann Rada, Jelaila Starr and Crystalai are some of those who have explained this at length)
  • Simon confirms holograms were used in 911; Project Blue Beam also incorporates sound, and was used in an attempt to attack Fidel Castro.

  • Raptor Race has special relationship with Navy because it's the least corruptible and more "self-contained"; Raptors do not like the Reptilians and are out for world domination. They are quite fragmented and clannish, but will come together as one in time of need
  • Divine Feminine energies have been corrupted and usurped to harness its magic and power, eg female leaders in UK, Germany and supposedly USA; they are controlled and maniputed in order to implement the negative agendas using their feminine energies. Church fears women because their energies are not so easily manipulated, that's why they persecuted Witches and Healers. This is also why Hollywood corrupts women
  • Sometimes, when people awaken spiritually, they may be tested for their reaction towards possible interaction with ETs. This could take the form of orbs or other types of communication.


  1. Dear Grace, Simon verifies what Cobra said about holes appearing in the grid.

    He also gives a simple way to escape the soul recycling grid upon death. What occurred to me after hearing his answer is that we should say that every night even if not preparing to die.

    Wayne Dyer talked of how whatever we dwell on just before bedtime is what the brain dwells on and processes after we fall asleep.

    Beyond the mental aspect, I know it affects where the soul travels while the body sleeps. If we set our intention to connect to 5D frequencies or above, as well as dwelling on uplifting things before sleep, we can guide and protect ourselves while out of the body during sleep and not get stuck in the astral plane the realm of inorganic beings.

    We can also set our intention on something specific we what to learn or experience during sleep. And, this is such an important reminder to remember to do what this for myself at night before bed.

    It can be so challenging to remember our beneficial spiritual practices while being bombarded by so many different waves of both benevolent and malignant energies in these final months before Gaia finally moves out of the photon band at the end of the year.

    Even more than usual, this is show brings out critical as well as important information.

    Many Blessings...

    1. Dear ShaunieL,

      This was a very good show, and I found most of the topics interesting. I have yet to put aside some time to get some notes out for future referencing, these past weeks have been rather time-challenged!

      I agree with you regarding the spiritual practices :) I've resorted to writing them down so that I can look at the list daily. I must confess even that doesn't work some times!

      And now, to start on those notes....

      Stay well and shine your beautiful Light!