21 October 2016

Continued Sasquatch Messages to Humanity from Kamooh: Part 2 ~ Dawaoutah Lomakatsi ~ 19 October 2016

"The Exponentials" by Ben McGuire
Interestingly enough, the latest Gaia Portal talked about "Elders".

Source: The Sasquatch People

SunBow began to transcribe new Messages to Humanity as given by Sasquatch Elder Kamooh on October 16, 2016. The completed chapters will be posted here as they are written. These are a continuation of the first 50 chapters that were transcribed and published. Many thanks to all of our Elders for this blessed wisdom.

Chapter 1

My dearest Sasquatch Elder Kamooh has been around for a few days, sitting by and smiling, waiting patiently for me to get ready to work with him again. Tonight on Full Moon, following his instructions, I attached to my sacred pipe some of his hair that he gifted me one month ago on the site where I was to conduct the opening ceremony of the first Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch Conference, a couple days before the event. I just smoked the prayer pipe, as I try to do at least once a moon, but for the first time with his hair on it. Afterwards, he came by, opening doors, walking with audible footsteps around me, and telling me: ”Let’s get to work.” So tonight I sit with this Eldest Elder of the Sasquatch People asking me to talk on his behalf.

Kamooh says:

”Thank you Little Brother. On behalf of the Sasquatch Elders Council, we are very happy and grateful for the work accomplished and the way we have come through together in the last year. Just one year ago you were finishing the transmission our first message. We made four promises to you that we have kept. So let’s have a brief look at this last year. This first part of our new message will describe your experiences with us and show the validity of our word. This review is to remind you of the progress done and to help the readers understand your connection with us, and why you have been given this mission, to help them develop theirs.”

 ”First, we promised you that our relation would keep growing stronger and deeper, that you would keep meeting more and more of my Sasquatch People, that we would manifest to you in many ways you would recognize, and that we would be by your side and keep teaching you.”

”Well, when you finished writing our words one year ago and traveled east across the continent, you thought that our contacts would cease but you were met where you first lived by the local clan, and its leader Sepmemtuc taught you about interdimensional portals and how to open and guard them. He first showed himself to you with half of his body materialized, and his clan appeared to you twice with yellow shining eyes. He explained how they are an earlier type of Sasquatch and their Lemur-like features have them being called wolf faces or baboon faces, so they show more often only their eyes as not to frighten us with their non-Human traits.”

Please read on....

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