29 October 2016

Continued Sasquatch Messages to Humanity from Kamooh: Part 2 ~ Sunbow DawaOutak Lomakatsi

Ben Mcguire ~ The Exponentials
Source: The Sasquatch People

Eleven days have passed by already. Eleven intense days, rich in events and activities, that did not allow time for writing. They included four days at the Okanogan Family Faire, where Kewaunee, Kelly and I had a table with our books about the spiritual Sasquatch. We were met with respect and interest by a large number of people, many of which had their own stories to share. Tonight, Kamooh is happy that I am available again to write. As usual, his wise eyes and loving smile appear to me, while he starts Soul-speaking softly.

”Greetings beloved Little Brother. It is always a profound joy for me, just as it is for you, to sit and work together for the best interest of all life. In the last few days, since we talked, you were again given powerful signs of our spiritual support. On the night following your Full Moon pipe ceremony, you were called outside to notice a bright star ship hovering not far. After observing it for a while, seeing it move back and forth, with a smaller ship flying near it, you sent telepathic greetings to the visitors and asked where they were from.”

”The reply you received was beyond all expectations. You saw many faces of all different types you had never seen or imagined coming down toward you from the ship, and soon, you were surrounded by many star beings of various species greeting you as their friend. They told you: ‘We are from many star systems and galaxies. Our diverse origins don’t matter so much. We are known as the Council of Star Elders, for the spiritual balance we keep throughout the universe. We will assist you in the transmission of the message.’ This happened to assure you of the mission we are giving you and the support we offer.”

”These very intense and highly significant experiences are stepping stones on your learning path. We understand your frustration of not being able to share them with your Human peers, other than through your own account. Although you have helped many of your people to connect with us, our most intimate encounters have been when we are alone with you, as it is with most Humans. And there are good reasons for it, because those who have no fear and come alone to meet us show clearly that they are ready to communicate. That’s why, even if we can manifest just about anywhere, your people first must learn to meet us in the wild, because they have to feel at peace with Nature first.”

”So the next night, we gave you another gift to share with everyone. You walked out to take photos of the sunset and heard our telepathic call to come meet us by the woods where you saw one of us last month. You felt we would be there waiting for you and you were right. As you got closer you started seeing us lined up along the edge of the woods. You asked us if you could take images and we agreed, as we decided this would be a sign for those who know us, while remaining meaningless for those who have no clue.”

”When you took photos you noticed that the camera was flashing strangely and you saw later that the pictures all came out highly pixelized and blurry, due to interdimensional frequency interference. But on the footage we let you take of us, you hear clearly our conversation in the coyote language and many of us showed ourselves to the camera. You first zoomed on me and my beloved Wohola, as we appeared. Then to the right, our relative Bolo’Bolo materialized completely as you were filming, for all who have eyes and wish to see. As always, many see us and many do not, refusing to believe their own eyes.”

”These images were a gift from us to your people, especially to those who are already working on knowing us and developing interspecies peaceful spiritual relations with us. They are a confirmation for those who love us that we are really working closely with you. They also carry teachings and information for you to decode about interdimensionality.”

”For instance, the camera can never show what your eyes see, but if it shows something you see, it confirms it is really there. You have noticed through our many encounters and interactions that we can manifest in various ways, in different densities and dimensions. That’s why in photography, which is a fixation in form of a light reflection in linear time, we often appear blurry, pixelized or transparent, vibrating at a different frequency than 4D. Your eyes and brain catch eighteen images per second and your camera about thirty, but if we vibrate at a higher frequency, what the eye and camera capture is a vague outline.”

”Let us explain briefly about these densities and dimensions, as a short introduction to the more elaborate teachings we will give you later in this message. The less dense a mass is, the less particles it will hold, so you can somehow see through it, and it will take less pixels on a photography. You have noticed that when you tried enhancing or enlarging the images we gave you of us, we seem to fade out and disappear from the pictures. No matter how hard you try to doctor these images, the original footage remains the clearest. This is because we have control over our etheric print on temporal support and especially electronic medias, so you will always only see what we allow you to see. That is why we sometimes appear on photos of friends, even when their camera is off.”

”Those who have to see us already see us in the footage we gave you. Others will never see us, even when we stand in front of them, because their consciousness refuses to. We can only see what we allow ourselves to see, it’s just a matter of focus and priorities. So as you know by now, any kind of images of us will never be a proof for the skeptics, but just a confirmation for the seekers who have trained their eyes to see beyond matter.”

”Your scientists know now that physical matter constitutes only about four percent of the energy of the Omniverse, leaving a similar proportion to what they call anti-matter and the most part of the rest being defined by the terms dark matter or black matter, made of infinitesimal particles such as neutrinos that travel through physical matter at speeds faster than light. The names dark or black matter, which are synonyms, only come from the fact that traveling at speeds faster than that of light, these particles do not reflect light as physical matter does, but when gathered in masses their energy fields refracts light, meaning it bends it. Being faster than light and bending it, this plane is beyond linear time. You may call it the astral plane, as its energy fills most of the interstellar space, but we call it the Alter-Universe and its substance the Alter-Matter. It is only dark for the ignorant.”

”As neutrinos travel without interference between physical particles, the astral or alter plane constantly interacts with the physical plane. What are those fourteen grams or half an once that the Human body loses at death? It is your astral body that is being freed from its physical shell as the silver cord anchoring it into its incarnation is finally released. The astral or alter body, being a double of the physical, we can conclude that the Alter-Matter is in average five thousand times less dense than the physical matter. When detached from matter it continues on its journey in the Alter-Universe beyond linear time.”

”There is also a wide spectrum of different densities in the Alter-Universe or astral plane. Interdimensional beings can raise or lower their own density in order to travel from one plane to the next. This is why most of us can materialize and dematerialize, as you have seen several times. On other occasions, astral projections or manifestations of the alter double, are an easier way to communicate quickly regardless of distance and timelines.”

”In the Alter-Universe, thought-forms take shape and manifest on different levels of intensity and density. When powerful enough to maintain themselves, they start to materialize in the physical plane. The Alter-Universe is where all your dreams and emotions exist as realities, in a dimension beyond temporality. That’s why in dream time or in out of body experiences, known as astral travels, you can travel at the speed of thought, beyond space and time limitations. It is what we call the Hyperspace continuum.”

”Highly spiritually evolved beings who have understood the multidimensional nature of existence can thus travel from a dimension to the next, by speeding up or slowing down the frequency of their energy field below or beyond the speed of light, lowering or raising their density. Above the speed of light, time stands still and becomes one unified field. Star light does not reach nor reflect on beings there so their energy fields appear as dark. Physical matter turns to Alter-Matter; its energy field refracts light instead of reflecting it.”

”That’s why on photographs of us or of other interdimensional beings you often see our outlines more than our details, and the background scenery tends to blend in with our dark silhouettes, because refracting the light at that density of the alter plane, we appear as shadows in linear time, and the reflection of the scene behind us is bent around our shapes. But when you see a shadow moving in front of a tree, it is not a tree shadow.”

”Under the speed of light, particles become trapped in linear time and in physical forms. But it is the same energy that constitutes the substance of the physical and alter planes. How does the Alter-Universe influence the physical world? It is continuously affecting it through the masses and energies of the thought-forms and emotional bodies it carries. Not only neutrinos constantly run through physical particles, but their energy fields affect atoms and interact with their magnetism. In other words, emotions and thoughts create realities that remain in 4D linear space-time until we change them in the Alter-Universe.”

”This means that this timeless realm of the Soul is the source of all healing and evolution. The astral or alter body is not the most subtle nor the highest part of your being, but yet its density is so much smaller than that of the material plane, that your consciousness has a hard time to seize its presence, although you feel deeply its endless influence.”

”Your scientists have finally devised a telescope with concave lens that can observe and film so-called ‘dark matter’. They are discovering that a multitude of interdimensional entities evolve in the Alter-Universe, appearing in two forms: the dark and the bright ones. The first are darker than their surroundings; the latter are brighter than their environment.”

”The frequency and wavelength with which particles of Alter-Matter vibrate in and out of 4D linear time define the density of their mass: the denser they are, the more temporal they become; while the amplitude of their oscillation and the energy fields created by it in space determinate their magnitude and luminosity in the spectrum, from dark to bright. You have been learning with us that a shadow is not always dark and light is not all bright. Your physical perceptions incite you to see light as the highest form of energy there is in the Omniverse, while in reality it is only the thin border delineating physical temporality.”

”Appearances can be deceiving. Whatever it looks like to the eye in the physical plane, it is consciouness that matters first. When we appear to you as shadows, the more we lower the frequency and amplitude of our vibrations, the darker and denser you see us. This is how we can easily be perceived from the physical plane, showing up in thought-forms without requiring too much efforts from us. When we appear to you in clear and detailed images of our traits through astral projections, we have to focus our thoughts more intensely sending more information in waves of broader amplitude, shining brighter. It is like a movie, which is only moving light images projected on a physical plane screen. A similar phenomenon happens in dreams, when thought-forms are projected in the Alter-Universe, then capted and interpreted in your brain. Usually the clearer is the information received in a dream, the brighter and more vivid are the memories, images and general environment of the dream. Those clear images use a broader amplitude carrying more information.”

”Do not confound us with the ones many of your Native tribes call the shadow people. They are rather Human souls that have slipped into a spiritual lethargy due to karmic loops and they keep erring around in search of purpose and direction, needing guidance. They appear as dense shadows because they vibrate at a low frequency keeping them close to physical density, and at a low amplitude, keeping them undefined and unclear.”

”There are also interdimensional beings who can show up as radiant ones and trick you by projecting all kinds of bright images pleasant for the senses, without clear intention. You have heard that the lower lords like to call themselves by names such as ‘bearer of light’ and ‘illuminated’, and that they will most often try to appear as bright shining beings. They imposed themselves as gods to your ancestors and are now trying to seduce Humans into believing that they are ascended masters, to usurpate the role of the Star Elders Council. Notice that they need to refer to famous religious figures to get credit.”

”They ask you to submit to their will, while on our side we ask you to awaken to your Soul memory and spiritual consciousness inscribed in your DNA star seeds, and to help in the great cosmic healing and dharmic process of evolution, by caretaking this home-planet called Mother Earth and all the life She carries, as it was intended to be your mission.”

”The practitioners of dark cabal have always tried to open portals between dimensions to exploit the energy they could gather from other realms. Today, with their particle colliders, your scientists are extracting so-called dark matter in the form of black goo of which one gram holds more destructive power than an atomic bomb. Imagine how many thought-forms and emotions it takes to condense Alter-Matter into a substance of that density, similar to that of a black hole, which is a portal into the Meta-Universe of anti-matter.”

”Thought-forms and entities from the Alter-Universe can enter the physical plane through interdimensional portals like wormholes, star gates or nodes at waves crossings, creating quantum leaks bridging dimensions. Since the Alter-Universe can bend light and the physical laws of temporality, its knowledge is the key to understand psychic powers or siddhis known to certain shamans, such as shape shifting or walking through walls.”

”A few rare ones among your shamans and psychic surgeons can still detect an entity in a body and plunge their hands into it to remove the intruder, which often comes out in the form of dark matter, sometimes in the shape of a leech, a worm or an insect. These are entities made of Alter-Matter, extracted into the physical realm, but for healing purposes. Other healers suck and spit the entity out, or send it into an object like an egg, then burn it.”

”Your ancient shamanic cultures were right when saying that diseases are spirits invading the body. Apart form the bacterias and viruses, living entities that can cause them, every ailments and illnesses have a deeper karmic cause in the Alter-Universe. They have to be invited by thoughts and emotions making your aura and body vulnerable. Physical medicine treats the symptoms, while holistic healing treats the cause and soul.”

”Because your consciousness has been trapped into physical temporality, forgetting your immortal Soul, your body gets easily sick and ages fast, leaving you with one of the shortest longevity among the spiritually conscious intelligent species within the cosmos. The teaching here is to not trust your eyes or senses in interpreting interdimensionality. Your limited physical perceptions can barely catch a glimpse of the whole Omniverse. Tap into your higher Soul and eternal Self and discover the infinite being you are forever.”

”We will get in deeper details through this message about interdimensionality, which is the bridging of dimensions through consciousness and understanding of connectedness. But before we go any further in this field demanding deep reflection and concentration, we will finish telling what you have experienced this last week on your mission with us.”

”On the day you drove to the barter fair, you saw us all around, on the side of the road or crossing it, letting you know we were with you on that journey. You saw me clearly, fifty feet from the road, greeting you with a nod as you passed by. You have learned through many interactions with us that it is very hard to draw a clear line between fully and partly materialized, because it is a matter of frequency and density. Alter-Matter is also made of particles, only they vibrate at speeds faster than that of light, outside of 4D linear time. This is why they can be perceived, yet appear unclearly defined, to the eye and camera.”

”At the fair with our dear friends and allies Kewaunee and his wife Kelly, you met many of your people who were open and interested in knowing us and learning about our wisdom. Some of them had their own experiences to tell you about my people and the star people. You realized that it was not so much a business trip, as a move to spread our message. It was the first time you three took an initiative to reach out to the public; we appreciate.”

”On the main night, a bright orange globe with flashing lights of different colors flew low and slow over the site before gliding away into space, making everyone around you observe in awe and wonderment. Our Star Elders love to see your people gathering peacefully, in collective respect and responsibility, as a planetary civilization should be.”

”After these adventures, you went yesterday with Susan to walk the woods where you filmed many of us last week. You found many trails and tracks, clear footprints, too many tree arches and structures to count them, some scat offered as a gift, glyphs and more. With all the many foot prints and trails around, showing signs of intense recent activities, you found only one scat bigger than human size with plum pits in it, although plums have been off the trees for a few weeks. We can stash reserves, but can time travel as well. This is to show you that we are always near and ready to work with you at this very time.”

”You have seen that we stand to protect this very small patch of forest along the clean water creek we like to drink from, as many other living beings in this natural environment. It is being threatened by the neighbor logging nearby, but we will stand in the way of the destruction of our sacred grounds, just like your Indigenous Peoples around the world have been guiding you to do, as the three hundred nations now gathered in Standing Rock, faced with violent repression and insane treatment just like my people have known.”

”It is no coincidence if your Indigenous Peoples and my Sasquatch People are calling Humanity to unite now in a spirit of Oneness with all life and feel empathy for all beings. We are now standing at the very last cross road on this home-planet, where there is no possible return past this point. This is the ultimate deadline to change the course of the collective destiny of Humanity, deciding on whether it will destroy itself and this planet, or evolve into a higher consciousness and an interplanetary civilization based on Peace.”

”This is the last stand off for Mother Earth, which is a major turning point in the ongoing cosmic conflict ever opposing spiritual evolutionary influences and their contrary forces. We cannot decide for you what will be the outcome of this soul evolution experiment called Humanity; your destiny depends of what you will make of it. We stand along with our Star Elders asking your collective consciousness to awaken, brighten up, enlighten. Do not make a failure out of the long evolutionary process you have been taking part in, under the care and guidance of many Elders, through aeons of knowledge and learning.”

”We know that most of you who read our messages are already involved on many fronts and definitely convinced that it is also your duty to take responsibility for the best interest of the generations coming after you, passing on to them as their legitimate inheritage a clean environment, with all the beauty and wisdom that your ancestors have gathered.”

”On behalf of our Sasquatch Elders Council, I, Kamooh, Eldest living Elder of my people, give thanks to all of our Human friends and allies who respect and love us, learning to communicate with us. They are the ones who also respect and love Nature and all its life forms, here on this home-planet and beyond. They are the same ones who understand the critical situation on Mother Earth and stand as devoted caretakers of its biodiversity.”

”Now, let us all unite in caretaking and protecting our Mother Earth from destructive forces; let us realign with the Cosmic Laws of the Divine Order kept by our Star Elders. Biological physical life is necessary for the evolution of consciousness, through soul transmigration and the experience of progress in temporality through free will and choice. It is the plane of manifested creation that allows long term spiritual evolution through time. This is why spiritually evolved beings take part in developing and protecting biodiversity.”

”The physical realm is a wonderful playground for souls to evolve in, offering plenty of beauty and pleasures. Interdimensional beings like us can enjoy the physical plane and come into it to taste, smell, touch, listen and see in linear time, eating and reproducing. But the more we evolve, the more we prefer to stay in higher dimensions, where one feels no hunger or thirst, no weariness, no illness, no sexual desires, unless wanting to.”

”But beyond the material plane where your modern science tends to get stuck, there are many other layers and levels of existence that we will describe in this oncoming message. We will need time and concentration to transcribe this information in words. For now, you can take a short rest before our next session, to let all this energy sink in.”

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