17 October 2016

Earth Changes and Revelation ~ A QHHT Session Story By Suzanne Spooner ~ 14 October 2016

Source: TAUK Suzanne

Hi Everyone,

Last week I gave a QHHT session to a lovely young woman. She is a doctor but taking a leave because she feels there is something bigger she should be doing. Her High Self gave interesting updates to the current Earth changes that I thought would be good to share. Many of us can relate to the understandings and advice her High Self gave and perhaps can shift our belief about depression.


In the first past life she was with the Buddha on a mountain with other enlightened monks. The Buddha was telling them that they would need to be reborn when the time was right. She was very sad and emotional to leave the Buddha.

Her High Self explained: She had a contract with the Buddha to come to Earth when needed. She will change many peoples lives. There is a Great Change coming. She is to be a collector of information and to heal herself. She will use all of this together for integration and healing to help others.

She had been completely enlightened in her lifetime with the Buddha, she did not have to come back and could have remained in the light. She was chosen and she has the capacity to take the suffering from the collective, she takes it on as her own and she has the capacity to heal them. As she heals herself, she heals others (the collective).

Earth Changes and Feelings of Depression Explained

She asks about the Earth changes and moving into the 5D Earth. She is highly sensitive and every time there is a big shift or frequency change she gets into a depression mode because her body is trying to purge and match to the Earth vibration. This is normal and she should not judge. It truly is not depression. Whenever there is a shift in a body you need time to adjust. You have low energy and the body needs rest. There have been lots and lots of frequency changes, especially this year. She needed time to rest and come up to a higher frequency and it is ok, it is normal and she should not call that a depression.

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