14 October 2016

Energy Update: Anchoring the Divine Femine ~ Matt Kahn ~ 11 October 2016

I've only heard a few minutes of this, but I'll post it now as I don't know when I'll get to finish it.

Matt Kahn speaks about how our own awakening efforts will contribute towards that of the Collective; it will create a tipping point that allows the Collective Consciousness to match the vibration of the brightest individual. Once this tipping point is reached, the elevated Consciousness will bring change to the political arena, eventually resulting in administrations that actually serve the public rather than the other way around.

Matt explains that the Presidential election represents a clash of ego polarities that will eventually create the space for Consciousness to emerge while we as Lightworkers contribute towards the tipping point.

Please access the video here.

Additional notes:
  • Unconscious Feminine = reactive; Conscious Feminine = receptive/responsive
  • Unconscious Masculine = defensive; Conscious Masculine = diplomatic
  • Highest aspiration of Heart (Feminine) is Love, highest aspiration of Mind (Masculine) is Intuition
  • So our journey is to transform a reactive emotional heart and defensive mind into a responsive heart with a diplomatic mind, merging the Feminine and Masculine aspects and bringing Spirit into our lives.

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