20 October 2016

Energy Update ~ Celia Fenn ~ 19 October 2016

Source: Celia Fenn fb

So the weird energies are just getting more weird by the minute :)

I checked in with Archangel Michael who says that the Earth's Major Timeline is disintegrating.

Time is an electro-magnetic substance that is created through holographic imaging. When a Timeline disintegrates that electro-magnetic energy is released back into the time/space/matter "deep pool", otherwise known as "dark matter" from where it can be recycled into new creations.

What is unique about this moment is that we are not ending this timeline with a catastrophe or a great war, but it is simply disintegrating around us as the New Earth timeline takes shape.

It is an "experiment" in time-line formation where the old disintegrates and the new is forming at the same moment. It is a little like being in a hurricane and watching everything swirl around you being moved by powerful yet unseen forces.

This electro-magnetic field is being accelerated by the Solar Winds that are being released by the Sun. The Sun is assisting the Earth in this new formation of a New Story.

Apparently we are expecting another strong wave of Solar Wind in a few days, so be prepared for what is coming.

Our work is simply to release the old, without attachment, and focus on the new.


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