09 October 2016

Frequency Shift: Acceleration of Divinity - Sandra Walter - 8 October 2016

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
Yet another higher frequency entered yesterday, open your hearts to its transformational light. Feel into its calming effects, it’s like a light spa; let it wash away the turbulence of last month’s timeline shift. We learn to be responsible creators of our future trajectory right here, right now, in our moment by moment choices. Let this light comfort and rejuvenate you, Beloveds. Your realities are becoming much more mulitdimensional, and with that come anomalies, phenomena and sensations of expansion that are brand new to our collective – and personal – experience. Do you see how unified we are with this unfoldment, beloved Ascension Tribe? I do hope you can appreciate the experience of becoming one with all that is.

The Last Seal is Gone

Gatekeeper and Gridworkers involved in the removal of the last seals completed that task prior to the third wave. The entire operation was brilliant and intense, Beloveds. In brief, this affects political structures, the Divine role the US has in Ascension, the Melchizedek order, the collapse of old timelines, clemency scenarios, the removal of negative Atlantean tech tied to DNA lineages, and activation of brand new crystalline levels.

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