31 October 2016

Gariaev's Experiment and Our Ascension

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Flickr: Magnificent CME Erupts on the Sun
August 31, CC BY 2.0, 

We are all familiar with Dr Gariaev's Wave Genetics experiment, where a frog embryo was transformed into a salamander by transmitting the former's DNA codes to the latter via a laser beam.

Just a few days ago, I had a huge A-ha moment while looking for confirmation for my Nibiru post. My search led me James Gilliland's Eceti talk in Australia (video here), where he mentioned the frog and salamander experiment.

What he said next made me drop my jaw, not so much that it was something jaw-dropping, but rather that it was so obvious but it never occurred to me before. And here, I would like to point out that you probably already know the connection, so it wouldn't be a big deal at all for you. For me, it was like a hundred lightbulbs went on at the same time :)

So what did James say? After he referred to that experiment, he went on to say that our Sun is doing the same thing! Acting like the laser light, our Sun is delivering codes or information to us for our Ascension process by transforming our DNA codes. He connected the two together, basing them on the same foundational principle. I had always taken for granted that the energies coming in from the Sun (and Central Sun, and the Great Central Sun of the 22 Galaxies) contained codes and information to change/activate our DNA, but never really stopped for a moment to understand how that would happen. I did see Epigenetics coming into play, but Wave Genetics didn't even cross my mind.

Based on the principle of Wave Genetics, I'd like to assume that the same effect can occur if we leave our (structured) drinking water in the Sun. When we consume the water later, we would also be taking in the Ascension codes. What about Plants? When we take in the nourishment of Plants, perhaps we can also benefit in the same way? How about just breathing in the fresh air....will that work too? I'm wondering about these things because obviously it's not possible for people to get direct sunlight all the time, especially during wintertime.

** Update: I feel that we will still get access to the codes, we don't need direct sunlight. After all, doesn't our Sun's energies permeate every single millimetre of our Planet's atmosphere? :) **

I'm thinking that I should re-watch "Solar Revolution".....(some details here if you are interested)

Blessings and Namaste!

PS. Thank you, James Gilliland!


  1. I really like this video of sound waves creating geomeric patterns which I think, in a way, relates to the article.