10 October 2016

Mastering the Merger: The Dissolution of Identity ~ Lauren C Gorgo ~ 7 October 2016

Source: Think With Your Heart

It’s official.  September 2016 was the  l o n g e s t  month in the history of everness.

In some ways it was also the most excruciating, and yet, because we have spent so many years preparing for the ultimate (and repetitive) death that we would all have to walk thru last month, there was also a growing sense of capability…maybe even mastery…as we persevered thru some of the oldest demons of our existence one last time.

For those of you who took a final inventory of your most ancient wounds and have fully realized your wholeness…i.e. that the defragmentation (read: self-healing) journey is officially over…the door to your new reality is now opening.  This month we begin to make our way into the next 9 year cycle of our divine-human mastery, one that no longer requires suffering in order to evolve/expand/experience life on earth.

It may not feel that way yet as we have been hollowed to a point of near non-existence, but we are still pivoting from empty to full…refilling our LOVE cups with only what’s true.  It will continue to be a slow and steady strengthening but our new beginnings are anchoring and we are starting to tap into the new potentials that are fully aligned with our soul’s truth.

The dissolution of identity is the ability to live in full truth without having to name it.

As we dissolve our old world identity the new world opens to us which is why we waded thru the death of our past self/life for 30 very long, very thorough days…at least half of which we spent engulfed in seas of uncertainty and non-meaning. For those inquiring, this encompassing process is why I chose to not to write a report for September as something so BIG has so completely ended that I found myself literally unable to speak on it while in it…which I guess says more than any words could have possibly conveyed. That said, this report ended up significantly longer than most (sorry 😬) so September found its way into my October after all, just in it’s own timing.  I will call this unexpected amalgamation of months my Septober report.

NOTE: For those of you who were inquiring about my well being, thank you and sorry to cause you concern.  It was a deeply challenging month for me on a personal level and I needed to completely withdraw in order to get my bearings, to be able to understand what was taking place to the point that I could speak on it with clarity. Tho I only write when called, I know this stretched some of you beyond your comfort zones and I thank you all for your patience during what amounted to be a very heartbreaking moment in my life.

Until now, every thought/word/deed was literally devoid of meaning and riding that cycle out with awareness brought us all to a place where we can now begin to understand what we’ve all just been thru, why, and where we are now headed…which will ultimately amount to the materialization of our most recent transformation: creating/learning/practicing new ways of relating and responding to life, devoid of karmic participation, as we bridge our once ‘spiritual world’ with the material.

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