24 October 2016

My Own Angel Experience

While listening to Alex Collier's experience with an Angel, I recalled vividly my own. After some initial debate with myself, I will now share my own experience :)

Although my encounter occurred very many years ago while attending a basic course in Hypnosis, it still feels to me like it happened only a few days ago. The memory is strongly and fondly imprinted in my mind, and I have replayed it regularly over the years.

The Hypnosis course included several exercises, and it was during one such exercise that I had my "visitation". We had to enter into a relaxed state, and since I was already meditating daily then, I was able to access a fairly deep level of relaxation. Quite unexpectedly, I sensed a powerful yet most gentle presence behind me. Next thing I knew, I "saw" (eyes closed) two dazzling white wings envelope me from behind, one on each side. I was held in the most loving and profound embrace....I could feel nothing but pure Love from this Being. The moment might have just lasted a few seconds or so, but it felt Timeless and Eternal.

Over the past two decades, I have asked myself so many questions about this Divine encounter. While I have not the tiniest sliver of doubt that it happened, I do wonder if the Angelic Being was a representation of my Divinity, or a Guardian, or a Messenger. However, I have heard some say that Angels don't have wings.

Winged or not, that's not relevant to me in the bigger scheme of things. What my encounter did for me was to create a sacred space within that I can easily access whenever I feel the need to do so. When replaying that vision, I'm able to recalibrate my energies whenever I feel stressed or low. It's like a Divine gift or tool that I can use to help me on my path, and trust me when I say it's come in useful many times!

As Alex Collier said in his sharing, his Angel reminded him that he's a Soul that's animating the Physical. My own experience reminds me constantly of that same Truth.

Namaste and Blessings, and may you connect with YOUR Angel(s) always!


  1. Thanks for sharing your Mystical experience. May be 2017 a mystical and magical year. Ascension year. Thank yu..God bless..

    1. Blessings to you :) Let's intend and do whatever we can with all our Hearts to make that so....2017!