29 October 2016

Nibiru Update (and My Own Thoughts) ~ Alex Collier 19th Webinar ~ 21 October 2016

I'm pulling out a bit of information from Alex Collier's 19th Webinar.  Bearing in mind that Alex is reporting from his and his source's points of view, some of the data may not align with that of others. As I've repeatedly mentioned before, I see different sources of information or spiritual guidance as individual aspects of a Bigger Picture, or various layers of a bigger Truth, assuming the data is correct and authentic. The way I see it is this ~ the Bigger Picture is so vast, complex and terribly convoluted, given our long, drawn-out and chequered history, with the added (major) component of Ascension taking place. I don't believe any single source has all the information.

Which means, please read only if guided to do so :)

Alex reports that the Benevolents have control of the Solar System inside the Asteroid Belt, so the negatives within that area are being mostly contained. Many artificial moons are being retrofitted and activated to be used as a barrier around Earth so that they can buffer Nibiru's (or whatever else it is known by) effects when it passes near our Planet.

The timeline given for Nibiru's near-Earth pass is between 16 December 2016 - 16 December 2017. Alex's webinar is available for rent or purchase here.

Simon Parkes had earlier mentioned that Nibiru had "stalled"; this is also what Alex had informed ~ that Nibiru had been halted for a duration of time, presumably to allow some planning or action to take place. It has since resumed its course. Simon has also remarked rather cryptically that what he calls Planet X will bring to Humanity a "greater understanding".

To expand on this perspective, sources such as Ibrahim Hassan & Blue Solara and Elizabeth Trutwin have connected Nibiru with positive and enlightening change. In other words, Nibiru should not be viewed as something that brings destruction and annihilation to the Planet. Is it any wonder that the timing of its near-Earth orbit is during a crucial phase of our Ascension? And as mentioned previously, it also ties in with the clearing of Atlantean trauma by triggering fear.

James Gilliland has said that Nibiru was a settlement of the (positive) Anunnaki, but is now unsuitable for life. Andrew Bartzis acknowledges that Nibiru had traversed the Universe as a "free-roaming Galactic entity Planet" (this video @11:05-minutes) and was lured here by the one of the 15 Multidimensional Beings.

Another contactee who has also assured us that the Benevolents are working to ensure the safety of our Planet is Tolec, who is connected with the Andromedans, as is Alex. As we know, the entire Cosmos is involved in assisting with our Planetary evolution and her Humans. We must never forget that these times we are in are the most pivotal in Cosmic history.

Of course there are other sources apart from those I mentioned who have given their version, but these are the ones I can recall off the top of my head.

This post isn't about taking sides in the on-going Nibiru debate (yes it exists / no it doesn't). My intention is to present a few angles about this celestial body, no matter what one wishes to call it, or if one wishes to dismiss it totally. I have no doubt that there's "something" up there in Space, and I've seen enough videos and photos that provide sufficient evidence of an approaching sizeable object; I've personally seen it myself with my own eyes ~ another "sun" next to ours.

This could be Nibiru / Planet X / Planet Nine / Elenin / Hercolubus / Red Planet / Dwarf Star / The Great Distraction......or none of the above. Perhaps it is something entirely different, or maybe it's a red herring for something else.

Whatever the truth is, and who is right and who isn't..... We won't know what is truly going on for sure, until we do. Meanwhile, we continue with our own work on an individual and Collective level - we have an Ascension to focus on!

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