22 October 2016

Oblivion No More ~ Summer Sun ~ 20 October 2016

With more and more of the general public beginning to ask the hard questions that need to be asked, this article is one of the suitable sources that we can use to help them at least find some sort of footing in their crumbling reality.

Source: Prepare For Change

Make a change today. Alter your perception for the day. Instead of experiencing the same feelings, same thoughts, while following the same chores, change how you perceive your understanding of the world. This one day change may change you forever. You may be able to get over with the depression you are in, you may start being more alive, may feel happier, may love your life, yourself, you may even forgive others for all the unfairness and most importantly you may forgive yourself for the mistakes that give you heartache. Let’s give it a chance. Try it.

I would like to propose this new perception for you. Please bear with me. Do not sink into despair. Because it is time now you face the truth that you knew all the time deep inside. Because somebody inside you has been trying to tell you this all this time.It was just not loud enough, your environment was too noisy and you didn’t have time to stop and listen carefully. You have to read the whole thing. Because it will take you to a simple place where you will be able to know, and explain why everything works this way and how you can find solutions to your issues. You can even be the solution for the others. Just read it, stay with me.

What if the job you have to drive to, or spend majority of your day with, to earn money and provide for yourself and your family, is in fact was a slavery system. To keep you from listening to yourself, your higher self, and realizing that you, as a human, is much more than this single, lonely person. What if, these jobs are put in place to prevent you -as a human- from creating harmony, uniting with others, finding out we are all connected? If you didn’t have that job and the financial concerns, you would be able to spend time reading the books you have always wanted to read, you would be able to build the things you always wanted to build, you would be able to meet other people, you would play with your kids more, you would love your partner, talk about life and your role in the universe. You would be able to walk, run, swim more. You would be able to grow your own food, eat organic, and even cook. You would travel the world and see the world, all these cultures with your own eyes, -not see them from the screen of the TV or from the filter of others, or from books-. What if, this 8-5 work and financial system is there to keep you, your body and mind busy, so that you do not start looking at the sky, the stars and you do not listen to your inner world and find yourself?

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