22 October 2016

October Part 2: Core Wounds, Soul Family Reunions and Time Glitches ~ Vera ~ 21 October 2016

Source: The Wake-Up Experience

Two thirds of October are over and a growing impatience in the community is building up. There were such high hopes that everything would change after the shift in September, and yet everything seems to be moving in slow motion. A lot of us are feeling stuck, still do not see any clear direction where to go and are very annoyed because core wounds are flaring up again.

Additionally, the world is in chaos, perfectly expressed through the US election show. Will it ever end? As we are so focused on these topics, we miss out to see how much has changed and moved forward. After an explosive and tiring September, October has been a lot calmer. September had emptied us out to make space for new things to come in. October is the month of no-thingness, creating the feeling of a void (as described in this article). Many have a hard time dealing with the sensation of emptiness. But if we shift our focus from the void and pain we are still dealing with to the difference how we felt end of September/beginning of October, to now, we realize: “Wow, even if I freak out, I am indeed a lot calmer in handling it and I manage to get back into my inner balance quicker than ever.” There is a new quality of confidence and sovereignty within us that was not there before. This is another huge sign that everything is perfectly well on its way to prepare us for zero-point: The energetic moment of stillness and harmony when our whole reality will shift. The evolutionary jump. Although we cannot say when this will be exactly, we can already feel how it is coming closer and closer.

We are truly breaking free from the old and are not letting anyone or anything control us any longer. We are emerging from our unconscious past and are growing our wings to fly. We are starting to live in accordance with our truth. We stop fighting and start flowing. We step into authenticity and are not afraid any longer to express ourselves with love, without having the need for any confirmation from others or having to convince anyone.

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