03 October 2016

Repost (Extract): Our Individual Lifestream and All That Information

I wrote this post (here) in July 2015, but I need to repost a large portion of it in view of some personal communications I've had over the recent weeks. My intention is that it would be of some help for those who haven't yet read it.

From 23 July 2015

TWO: Who's Right Who's Wrong
I'm saying this to those who have concerns over some sources who announce one thing and other sources who say another (those dates again!), and then more sources debunking other sources...

Please, don't worry. 

I know how frustrating it is to read and hear so much contradictory information coming out, but we were warned that this would happen as the info-wars escalate. Information has always been the medium that has controlled, directed and shaped Humanity ~ so in this last stage before the Apocalypse (unveiling), our minds are the targets. If we remember the lower/fear-based (reptilian) nature of the human mind and its inherent survival-fight-flight instincts, it is best that we avoid the right-wrong drama, because then we would operate mainly from this lower brain.

Instead of running information through this part of the fear-based brain, we should bring it into our Heart to check for its truth frequency.

THREE: Going Into The Heart of The Matter...A Test Run?
And I mean that literally! Activate our inner compass and higher guidance, and move into a Heart-Centred diagnosis of the information. If you align with it, fine. If not, leave. Do what feels right for YOU, regardless of what else is being said by others.

Sometimes I can't help but feel that what we are going through is a sort of test run...to see if we are able to stay out of the fracas and fine-tune our discernment filter.

It's not how much we know, it's how much we have in our Hearts.

FOUR: The Elephant, Different Lifestreams and Origins
I've said all these before....we are all in our own Lifestream of Reality, each one having our own path, with each one having our own unique and differing response to things. Given that we also have different origins (Soul-wise as well as human-wise), we will need different sets of information that speak to and activate each one of us. Inherent in that equation of different origins is the oft-forgotten fact that we have such a wide-range of "duties" in preparation of this Great Shift.

For example, the financial intel is not my thing, but it is for others. Sometimes the financial intel contradicts with what I align with, but that doesn't mean it's all disinformation.

Someone else may have a specific view of how this Shift would unfold, and therefore, what is required of him. His belief may be totally at odds with mine, but our goal and ultimate path towards the end is the same....Ascension for the Planet and Humanity.

It's like the blind men feeling a different part of the elephant, each insisting he is right.

Maybe what we thought were contradicting packets of information were merely separate components of the Bigger Truth. But then again, please know that much disinformation also exists, whether done intentionally or otherwise. I've certainly been fooled before, and there is no guarantee that I won't be fooled again.

FIVE: Where I Stand
So where do I stand in all of this?

I've repeatedly mentioned before...don't take what you find on my blog wholesale without running everything through your own (Heart-based) Truth filter. Please also know that sometimes I post things that I may not be totally comfortable with, only because I find the overall message to be positive or have a bigger purpose compared with some small section that I don't align with.

Generally, I try to follow my guidance in posting...this usually means that the message needs to have some meaning other than just data. I prefer messages that encourage spiritual growth rather than just huge swathes of information that appease the brain but leave the readers spiritually stunted, because....

SIX: It's Spiritual...
....that's how I look at this Shift ~ an Ascension process based on spiritual principles. If we continue to evolve spiritually, we'll get "there", ultimately. The way I look at it is to help myself spiritually so that I'm in a better position to help others, in order to accelerate the Ascension process.

SEVEN: Been There Done That...Never Again!
Please, a personal appeal...don't get too caught up in dates. I went through all that pre-2012 December Solstice, and I certainly don't wish to get caught up in the undercurrent of something like that again.

To be fair, lots of things happened, but they were largely unseen. I've written a lot about that already, and I won't digress from the main point I'm trying to make...which is, just look forward to the date(s) if that's what keeps you focussed, but please don't hang all your hopes on it (them). If it happens, then we'll have the grandest and greatest Cosmic celebration ever!

I'd like to stress this, however ~ the Shift WILL happen, of that I'm so certain. It's the "when" that I wouldn't like to venture a guess.

EIGHT: What Happens When I Don't Listen
A little story that clearly illustrates what happens when I don't pay sufficient attention to my own higher guidance. Some of you may already know it, so just bear with me a bit.

In November 2012, while discussing the anticipated grand unfolding of events in December with a friend, I felt a pang in my heart. Not a painful one, it felt like something that was meant to get my attention. In the next moment, I told my friend, quite numbly, that I was getting a knowingness that much of the information about the anticipated Shift was just Cosmic Cheerleading so that we'll "make it" past the December Solstice. I hadn't known at that time what it meant, but I remember being very disheartened by that information.

To cut a long story short, my friend looked perplexed and I obligingly dismissed my remark, assuring him of great changes that would unfold come 2013. (Need I mention that we are no longer in contact?...)

Anyway, to complete the story, over the three days (21, 22 and 23 December 2012) I had reached a new understanding about Mother Gaia's own Ascension course and that we had successfully pushed ourselves out of a timeloop, and onto a positive Ascension timeline. We had not made it on previous attempts (I don't know how many), and this required the efforts of the Light to amp up our vibrations sufficiently so that enough of us will be able to lend our heightened frequencies in order to break out of the loop.

NINE: What Cobra Said...
In his recent interview, Cobra parted with some very sage guidance that speaks directly to what's happening (and please note the part about "getting closer to the final moment"):

"It’s already happening, but they need to be very careful, because we are now, as we’re getting closer to the final moment, we are in a very delicate situation.
There must be no mistakes.
There are no rehearsals here.
Every mistake now could have much more drastic consequences
than a mistake one year ago....do not lose hope.  
Focus upon the light.  Unite and do not get provoked."

So please, dear Light Family, please don't worry about the dates, or if they are going to happen or if they are true. Continue to do your good work and serve the Light. Each of us counts, each of us makes a viable difference to the Whole.

With much Love, Namaste ❤ ❤

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