14 October 2016

Singing The Earth's Song and Tune ~ Judith Kusel ~ 12 October 2016

I immediately thought of my own Tree Beings experience when I was reading this update from Judith Kusel.

Source: Judith Kusel

The earth's energy fields are in a great state of flux at the moment, as the whole is now shifting into a much higher frequency band, and the earth is shifting more and more on her axles.

The Inner Earth, Agartha, is holding the upper earth steady at the moment and so is the lightning rod of the earth. The Lightning rod, is a vast transmitter and acts like a tuning fork, and it is activating the cosmic harmonic sound-frequencies, into which the earth is tuned cosmically.

The earth has its own song and tune, and it sings in tune with the greater cosmos. Sound is one of the greatest energy systems of the planet, and a lot of the ancient technology was based on sound frequencies and vibrations.

Our human body vibrates to the same sounds, and as each soul has its own tonal chord, the soul song, is supposed to sing in tune with the planet and the cosmos. However most people's song died at the time of birth, because of the denseness of the 3D world.

However now that all is shifting into the much higher frequency bands, the soul tonal chords will slowly but surely be tuned in again.

When I was in France recently, where I had to open vast energy portals, I had songs pouring through me. I have never sung energy forces into being - but that is what happened. As I was singing these songs, the whole of the earth and nature around me, the mountains I stood on and had all around me, started singing as well - even the cows on the opposite meadow, started ringing their cow bells in tune to the songs.

When I returned some time later, the whole energies in those places had shifted dramatically. One could feel the energy coursing through one's whole being.

I also taught my students one of the songs I which had been transmitted through me, and all felt immense inner shifts singing this.

In my book "Why I was born in Africa"" (which will be released as soon as the editing process is finshed) goes deeper into this, as I go deeper into the higher uses of sound and how the ancients communicated across the African continent via sound paths.

It is no accident that the tribal people communicated over great distances via drumming, or reached altered states by drumming, chanting, dancing.

We have forgotten to dance, sing, and use musical instruments, in order to reconnect with the vital sound energy forces of the earth and cosmos.

It is now time to remember.

The greatest shift now comes through inner hearing and sound.

(Judith Kusel)

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