10 October 2016

Stepping Into Bigger Shoes

** Text: There is a voice that doesn't use words... Listen!     ~ Rumi **

A quick post about another dream which I feel has a relevant message.

I had to carry out an important duty, the details of which I either cannot recall or it wasn't made known in the dream. I was already prepped and ready to go (as per my previous dream post), but I became aware that the shoes I was wearing were too big. Not so big as to render them impractical, but certainly a couple of sizes larger than my feet.

I wanted to ask for a smaller pair of shoes, but received the knowingness that I had to wear the ones already on my feet. I got that the job or mission I had to perform required me to step into shoes that are bigger, but I would be just fine.

Upon waking, the message was very clear for me. When "the time comes", there's a great likelihood that we will be required to perform roles that we may currently feel are beyond our capabilities. We would think that we don't have the necessary skill or ability to get the job done (whatever "the job" is for each individual), but we'll actually be quite effective.

This is crucial for some of us to know. If you are like me, you may believe that you don't necessarily have a significant role to play, and you're just doing what you feel you can in your own little way to contribute to the Collective and be in service. However, you may actually have a vital and integral role to play and your mission, whatever it is, could be part of a critical process. You may think that you don't have any special skill, or that you are not sufficiently or adequately "qualified".

What this dream tells me very clearly is that when it's time to roll, we'll know what to do :)

Namaste and Blessings!

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