21 October 2016

The Assemblage Point

This is the first time I've heard of the term "Assemblage Point", courtesy of Healing Energy Tools. After reading the article, I couldn't help but realise the connection with our Heart's toroidal energetic field, this time courtesy of Gregg Braden and The Institute of Heart Math. So I went to look for that widely-circulated image about the Heart being stronger than the brain (image below), and compared it to the Assemblage Point. As far as I can tell, the points are the same. A further check of some other sites convinced me that I wasn't too far off because they described this point as a toroidal field. (The term "vortex" is used in the image above.)

This could perhaps be additionally tied in to our High Heart/Thymus Chakra (also called Seat of the Soul), which I learnt from Sheldan Nidle is the 6th Chakra of the 13-Chakra system. The activation of this Chakra is a pre-requisite to higher consciousness, and therefore integral to, and will greatly assist, our Ascension process. From what I understand, that wild thumping of our Thymus area is indicative of said activation.

It is explained in the Healing Energy Tools article that the Assemblage Point should be properly centred for optimal health and well-being. Any deviation of the central point of this energy field would lead to a diminished states of existence.

There are a couple of articles that describe how we can re-centre our Assemblage Point, involving certain procedures that come with the usual warning that this process should best be left to experts. While I wouldn't disagree with that, I also feel that there are one or two things that we could do (and are already doing, actually!) to facilitate this rebalancing.

One of those could be deep breathing accompanied with the visualisation that we are breathing (taking Light or energy) into our High Heart Centre and exhaling (or distributing) the energy throughout the body.

Placing our hands onto our High Heart Centre while meditating or sleeping. This is something that I've felt guided to do since early this year.

Of course, this is all based on my own assumptions, and I'm not in any way asserting that they are true. They just feel true to me :)

At any rate, awareness of this area is something that may help us in better understanding our own physical and energy bodies. If you haven't heard about the Assemblage Point before, here's a good place to start ~ Healing Energy Tools.


  1. In Indian spirituality only 7 chakra.journey From one to six is a step by step process. From six to seven is a Big Jump. Or a monkey from one tree to another. At this stage consciousness is like a hanging man or in Air.like an Astronaut in the space. ..free from body wall. According to Jabala upanishad six chakra activation gives a sound similar to sound of a stream in the higher mountains. This sound is the green signal to the 7 nth chakra...thanks

    1. Thank you :) I look at the 7-Chakra system as the "simplified" version of a largely complex system. Whether it's 13 or even way more, I can't say for sure although my inner guidance says it's definitely more :)

      I also don't discount what you wrote. All true information like what you supplied is relevant. Truth has many layers. Blessings