25 October 2016

The Atlantean Overlay

From Stargate Atlantis

I'm just writing down rambling thoughts that have been swirling in my mind over the past several days.

It would seem that many are going through especially endurance-stretching and patience-testing times for quite some weeks now.....since September dawned, to be more precise. This coincided with what Cobra reported about the situation with Chimera that started on the 1st of September (here).

However, there's also another connection that I've been "getting" which I believe is playing out in many of our lives. This connection has been brought up before in the past couple of months, with the latest mention (that I'm aware of) by Sandra Walter in her video update (here, @ 6-minutes). From what I can see, this connection isn't being paid too much attention by many ~ it's my opinion that if we become more aware of this connection and relate it to our current situations, we will be better able to process and deal with issues that seem to be popping up like wild daisies for many.

I'm talking about the Atlantean Overlay.

Of course, this is known by other terms, but I'm calling it that because it's the term I keep hearing in my mind, and that's how it looks like to me.

The first time I knew about how the Atlantean trauma/energies would involve Lightworkers was some years ago from Lavandar of Starseed Hot Line.  She had explained that many of us, in our current timeline, would need to heal and resolve the trauma of the Atlantean timeline. We would need to ensure that we do not energetically repeat what happened then, even though the energies would be building up to almost the same conditons as that of Atlantis before its destruction. It would be like a replay of Atlantis in many ways. We would need to be very aware that this time, even though it's looking a lot like what Atlantis was then (abuse of technology and power, corruption domination and control, suppression of spirituality etc.....in other words, complete insanity), we will be able to turn the whole thing around and face Spiritual Renaissance and Ascension instead of total calamity. It would seem that many former Atlantean Souls are now here for this Atlantean Replay so that the energies can be properly healed and transmuted. Such Souls include major players holding key positions of power such as the two Bushes.

So how does this Atlantean Overlay affect people like us?

There were so many scenarios playing out during the final days and moments of Atlantis ~ corrupt oppressors, usurped priesthood, over-zealous scientists, over-ambitious warmongers, those who were beginning to see what was happening, and the general public that were in the dark about everything. Sounds pretty much like the situation today, doesn't it?

Depending on who we were then, and what role we played, we could well be in an encore performance, playing out the scenes energetically or otherwise. Many have been feeling a deep sense of dread, while some are going through unexplained bouts of panic and spontaneous crying. Some are suddenly feeling like there's no hope left or sensing some sort of great loss ahead (the Nibiru issue is well-timed for this healing). Still others are being suddenly swamped by people in their circles facing personal crises - this could be due to the possibility that they were in a position (such as the priesthood) where others turned to them for help when things deteriorated, but felt helpless themselves in the face of impending doom.

There could also be individuals who are getting a sense of failure, as they could have been those who tried to do everything possible to prevent the destruction. Maybe some could be getting more aggressive or even becoming remorseful.

Then of course, we have the very public representation of controllers gone mad ~ courtesy of the Pesidential elections ~ and how people are reacting to it. I can only hope that awakened individuals do not continue to feed this theatrical frenzy by taking sides.

Perhaps if we remember and are aware of this Atlantean Overlay, we will be able to better understand our own issues, thereby enabling us to approach them from the best angle. If we can recognise the energetic patterns and relate them back to an Atlantean scenario, we can place them in the proper context and perspective so that they can be healed and released as quickly as possible.

I'm not suggesting that all our current issues are based in Atlantean energies. Additionally, not everyone has connections to that timeline. We each need to perform our own diagnosis.

And finally, I'd like to suggest that being the Observer as much as possible goes a long way towards keeping our own sanity :)

Namaste and Blessings!


  1. the dark is working on making life miserable for any 'sleeping' family and friends connected to integrated light workers to prevent the compression breakthrough (as many light workers would fall into a 'compassion trap' and thereby get hooked in by the parasites attached to family and friends) - we are in an extremely critical window and i advise all light workers who understand the seriousness of this time to cut off all contact with everyone - this will actually help those around them as they will no longer be a target of the dark - and it will help the entire universe and end suffering for everyone by bringing the compression breakthrough sooner than later - integrated light workers have to walk the walk - their identities are Divine and Cosmic - they are not to tie themselves to familial programs and friendships programs of the dark 3d/4d matrix

    1. Thank you, I do see your wisdom in this advice.

      Some Lightworkers have dependents that they need to look after. If they are targeted, it must mean that they pose a far greater threat than usual. They would possess the ability and capability to walk in their Mastery. In such cases, they would have the opening to transmute their situation for the highest good.

      There are very powerful Lightworkers currently walking in their Mastery, amidst the sleeping population, lifting up the vibrations and foiling the dark in their own game.