05 October 2016

The Creation Temple of Aldebaran and the Star Gates of Earth, Our Beginnings ~ Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin ~ 2 October 2016

Aldebaran, like Orion, is sometimes looked upon with suspicion because of the actions of a renegade group that created the eons-lasting and tragic consequences that plagued other civilisations. If we don't use the broad brush to paint the entire region black, then there's much to read about in this message brought forth from Elizabeth Trutwin. That being said, always refer to your inner compass.

Source: Cosmic Ascension

This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin. We arrive at Aldebaran. There is a pool just like the one on The Mall in Washington D.C. It is rectangular shaped. There are massive rectangular stones surrounding the pool and I see a round tower made of these stones.

There is a tall rectangular compound. Then we are walking up an ancient stairway and then back down another stairway into the center of a ziggurat. There is a secret portal in this ziggurat that will immediately take you to a StarGate in Pakistan. That large stone tower is where the StarShips had entered and exited from.

Aldeberan is where the Language of Light originated from. This is the beginning of Creation for this Galaxy.

The Orion Wars ended here.

Archangel Metatron is the King of Angels. His sons, Jehovah and Lucifer waged battle when Angels began taking on Human Forms. This new Creation, the Human Angel was something these brothers were jealous of.

The Wars spanned millions of years and carried on through many Star Nations. Earth is a model of this last vestige of War. The Ones warring then were the Illuminati on Earth now. These are descendants of Metatron and Mother Sekhmet: The Children of Ra or the Children of Light. Some of these Ones never fell from Grace. They remained immortal and incarnated again and again and again on Earth to hold the Light for when the Wars would end. The Kumaras, including Sananda, Ashtar, and St. Germain oversaw the developments on Earth. There are many others. St. Germain with the help of the Ashtar Command collected the gold he has now and stored it secretly to prepare for this time of Announcements. He worked together with the KOS and Lady Master Nada, Twin Flames, to create the legal structure and Secret Forces to deal with the Human Angels who were fallen. Ashtar is the Supreme Commander of the Galactic Federation and he heads the Forces in the Skies, off Planet, and on other Star Nations coordinating this effort.

Mother Sekhmet will escort the Beloved Fallen Ones, of Earth, and either return them to Source, as she is their Mother, or send them to a place more befitting the experience they desire.

Lord Metatron is the Lord of Light and he Guides the whole process, working with the Angels and ArchAngels, especially closely with his son, AA Michael, who works with the Angelic and Galactic Forces of Light. KOS is their Leader on Earth, he heads up the Galactic Human Secret Forces.

This StarGate on Aldebaran is what all the fighting is about.

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