07 October 2016

The Future of Our Species ~ Andrew Bartzis and The Futurists, Ben Rode and Alex Lightman ~ Servant of Truth ~ 17 September 2016

This radio show was originally aired on 26 August 2016, you can find it here on The Futurists.

Servant of Truth has uploaded it and listed the topics with the corresponding time marker, which is very helpful if we wish to know what have been discussed. I've copied the description provided below; you can access the video here.

I'll just add a couple of highlights of my own:
  • Andrew calls the Presidential election a "Three Stooges event". The process itself is causing a separation of densities, where people either choose to tacitly agree to another 4 years of controlled reality (i.e. giving their energies away for them to manipulate), or they choose Consciousness
  • It's very important for us to educate other about this bifurcation over the next 20 months (this was aired in August)
  • The future of our people rests in the individual
  • There are 7 billion humans and 50 billion other sentient beings here on the Planet in different skinsuits (like animals). Andrew has mentioned before that all 57 billion are a part of this great Ascension
  • North Pole ~ place of our Ancestors (7 generations of wisdom and knowledge) and dreaming mind of Gaia; South Pole ~ 7 generations of future generations (this makes me think of El Ser Uno)
  • How to discern between Benevolent and Malevolent Beings (at 55:30-minutes)
  • Three things that we can do to benefit ourselves: (1) We all share the Sun ~ we should see ourselves as beings of Photosynthesis, beings of Photonic Light, so we should draw in the energy of the Sun and become our own sun, gaze at the fullness of the Sun by sungazing with eyes closed. (2) Going back to engage the foetus in the mother's womb and tell it your story or what you want changed.  (3) Learn how to create mass visualisation processes for yourself and fall asleep and enter lucid dream
  • Reincarnation isn't natural, imported here 31 million years ago and used as a tool for domination and control
  • Golden Age process frees us of karma and limitation
  • Voting is a dark magic system created 200 years ago to harvest our energy, just like other things such as the Super Bowl. We have to stop the system from harvesting our energy, which it is constantly doing. We cannot play within this system, we must retract from it at all levels
  • Race amnesia ~ we have forgotten and have been disconnected from our core essence as a Human Being, disconnected from the Akash, disconnected from our Soul purpose, wisdom, knowledge and capabilities, disconnected from our true Feminine and Masculine.

Description provided by Servant of Truth:

My Website:

This show was fantastic. It (was) offered 2 weeks before Andrew's 'Living The Mystical Daily' Event Sept 3-4 2016. I offer it as many of the perhaps newer concepts offered were explored in greater detail at that event. So, if you didn't attend it would be worth keeping an ear out for them as they are no doubt perspectives that will be offered many many times going forth.....

If you did attend, another source for them. I offer this intro as a way to visualise many of them. As, with Andrew's stuff...there is always a lot and many layers so just a way for you to perceive what you might miss.....

Some of them are:

The Mantle of Responsibility, Returning to the Fetus in your Mother's womb, Common Moral Code, Galactic Citizen, Signature Frequency of the individual, Bifurcation of Polarity vs Sacred Neutral Perspective, Entangled vs Non Entangled Observers, Dogma of Perspectives, 7 Color Time Experiencing Beings and the 8th Colour Potential now, Knowingness Expansion, Write Your Story, Babylonian Money Curse, Tacit Consent, Infrastructure of Distraction, Race Amnesia, Lucid Dreaming and His Event in Sept (Living the Mystical Daily Conference), Founder Beings and much much more.....


05:10 - Q - What does tapping in to read the Akashic Records look like? And, a Global Overview
06:40 - 10yrs ago the system attempted to predict 5-10yrs ahead for you. Now it can barely predict 15 days ahead
13:00 - The Bifurcation of the present US Election Result
14:14 - Shared Realities and the Dream World is the next undiscovered Country and Cellular Memory
16:53 - The Year 1900 creating their own reality vs now and technology introduction effect on Local Realties
17:22 - The Mystical Experience definition - Using Hindsight and Foresight together
18:24 - Fetus in the Mother's Womb and Akashic reading an individual’s infinite potential and 1 degree of separation
19:30 - 200 Powerful beings co-creating the first grid of Unity Consciousness with a Common Moral Code
21:00 - The 900000 different models of Human Skin Suits
21:36 - Accessing and the Content of the Akashic Record explained
24:30 - Ben's Reading and the 1 thing he should be focused on now and how Andrew filtered the totality of information
29:34 - Q - Do we actually have freewill? Everything is Synchronistic
33:00 - The Exploration of Freewill comes down to the Shared Reality's Rules ie Boundaries
34:36 - Perspectives of the Past and the ability to change them and see it differently
35:41 - Entangled vs Non Entangled Observers and the dogma of perspectives
36:19 - Q - What Question should I be asking Andrew right now? - Spatial Dynamics and the 7 Colour Time World now
39:38 - Our Evolution to perceive what we haven't perceive before - The Knowningness Expansion
43:36- Ben and his Wife's Soul / Spiritual Contracts agreed at the Fetus in the Mother's Womb and returning to that point
49:07 - Andrew's 20yo Perception potential and impacting people now
52:25 - Alex Q - 57 Billion beings Q
52:46 - Alex Q - Shamanism and the 3 things they do and their elimination to restrict our Akashic Access
55:35 - Discernment of Spirits - Inner and Outer Dialog, Spiritual Hygiene
59:20 - Alex Q - Lifespan, Health span and Fit span
1:03:40 - Lucid Dreaming - The Nature of Shamanism
1:06:40 - Alex Q - What is the difference between Shamaism, Wizardry and Sorcery that all have Lucidity as its base
1:07:40 - Alex Q - Is it possible to De-age and reverse the Aging Process?
1:08:50 - Alex Q - How do we lose weight? Gut healthy, Intention and Projections of Others
1:12:12 - Alex Q - How do you get smarter? The divine right to ask any question you want and have them answered
1:13:35 - Q - 3 things Andrew can tell the audience to benefit them now 1 - How We share the reality - The Sun relationship drawing in more light. Sun gazing with your eyes closed during the day
1:16:34 - 2 - Engage the Fetus in the Mother's Womb and tell your story
1:18:39 - 2 - Dreaming - Create mass visualisation process pre dreaming taking them into Lucid dreaming
1:21:31 - Purpose of Incarnation, Is Reincarnation Real? Choose to be disembodied vs Embodied Entity? Is Karma real?
1:24:48 - Karma and Money, The Babylonian Money Curse and Debt
1:26:00 - Quality of Life
1:27:39 - The Energy of Voting, consequence of Tacit Consent and Energy Harvesting of the System occurring
1:33:44 - Self Sovereignty After Revocations and the System - A Billion Healers needed for what is coming
1:35:40 - Race Amnesia and reclaiming our memory as a human race
1:41:40 - Unmanifesting the physical body to travel the stars
1:42:39 - Andrew discussing the Living the Mystical Life Daily Conference Sept3-4 re Lucid Dreaming, Akashic Access

Enjoy :)

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