30 October 2016

The Teachings ~ Elizabeth Trutwin

The Golden Age on Earth involves the evolution of ourselves and the Planet. These are the Highest Teachings and insights that were shown to Elizabeth and reveal the essence of Humanity’s evolution and transformative process towards balance with Nature and the Cosmos. Elizabeth has been on a journey leading to a formal disclosure of the Extraterrestrial Issue.

This is an opportunity to view One’s own Path and to understand how integrating the Highest Teachings attune One to Oneness. Our physical experience on Earth continues to evolve as our DNA upgrades increase our consciousness and ability to forgive and to love. These truths will set us free. We Are Not Alone in the Universe. We share DNA with hundreds of thousands of species throughout our Universe. Elizabeth is here to awaken this, as she has awakened it within herself.

Things on Earth are moving faster and faster to completion. More and more people are waking up to the outlandish ‘lies on the ground.’ Many reporting on the stories are not exactly telling it like it is and this has to do with the Cabal and the 13 Families fighting over the Planet. They do not have the highest knowledge. Hillary Clinton knows she will be indicted. There is a war going on within the 13 Families using reverse technologies. There will be a moment when that is revealed and they will not be able to hide what they are doing. Archangel Michael has been since the beginning on Planet Earth, in charge of watching these battles going back to before Atlantis and protecting Earth’s interests around such waging of war. They will have to give up their control and any engagement they have will be countered within the office of the christ. We are nearly at the end of duality on Planet Earth. There will not be a fake alien invasion. There are others working for the Ashtar Command who are double agents. In other words, they work like spies there so they have access to what is going on with the dark side. They use this information to counter the plans of the 13 Families and the Cabal. Some of these are Extraterrestrials in government. There are millions conspiring in all walks of life to bring the Plan to completion.

It is our job to remain in divine neutrality and unconditional love. It is getting ugly out there with all of the accusations and it is important to transcend that and not take sides. Anything you ‘heard or saw’ which says otherwise, forget it. You only hold yourself back continuing to buy into the lies. Be calm. Be living love, be truth, be peace, be freedom, be justice, seasoned with divine wisdom, mercy and divine compassion in beauty together. We are receiving after many long years, our next Mission.

The Teachings

Cosmic Ascension. Your Star Map Home. The more time you put in on a daily basis the better and faster you go. You know when you reach Ascension because you have no more questions. Once you are Ascended it means you may use your Merkaba Body to travel anyplace you like. This is your true nature. The true you. Your TRUE self. Look at yourself! You are Galactic once you Ascend. No longer Earthbound.

It is in your hands to determine what is helpful and what is a hinderance. Nature and High Beings have given you much knowledge, the problem is that there is not enough practice of the Highest Teachings. Find a teacher or Guide and implement the Teachings.

Breaking free of your programming

Programming in the Matrix has trained your mind and emotions to react in a certain way. You become triggered simply by the mere mention of certain concepts. Often you are boxed in and lack the needed confidence to let it all go. Other times you are clinging to Core Fear Programs such as “I’m not good enough”, “I must always be right”, or “Nobody loves me”. As we begin to dissolve egoic thoughts we are able to break free of the programming. Nightly Self-Evaluations just before sleep are a must. Review your day and ask yourself if there was anything you could have done better? Anything you would like to amend? Make necessary adjustments and promise yourself you will never do it again. Keep your promise. Discipline your thoughts. Make right actions. Make right all of your relationships. Tackle your issues and resolve them peacefully. Be Peace within.

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