01 October 2016

Transfiguration of Our Physical Body ~ Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi

Thank you to Galactic Historian for posting this.

** Text:As you begin to become crystalline, your level of spiritual energy  is augmented; your vibrational frequency as well as Light quotient increases rapidly, leading to your expanded consciousness; your gene of compassion activates; the most important and divine portions of your vody, your endocronic gland system begins to crystallise; your DNA and RNA have long started to be realigned, recoded and activated; your double helix DNA system gradually gives rise to a 12-helical strand of DNA and 6 strand RNA system.

Your entire body begins to change from a chaotic amorphous carbon-based system to a perfected crystalline system thus you switch into a electro-crystalline system that runs at considerably higher energies; your primary chakric system increase to 13 chakras and your aura expands tremendously to encompass all your 7 bodies: the physical, etheric, emotion, thought, causal, spiritual and crystalline bodies.    Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, PhD **