04 October 2016

What Is Love? ~ Andrew Bartzis ~ 29 September 2016

Source: Galactic Historian

So what is Love?

Love is your overall reserve to remain in a reality, and as it gets eaten away slowly, slowly, in this reality by the loss of free will or the giving away of your power to certain situations or karmas, you found yourself unable to get yourself going because your gas tank is always empty and always empty.

And then Love becomes an endurance battle versus this world, and that’s what the big mistake in a lot of the light worker corporate teachings is, is you must be able to self-heal and self -nurture so that your energy patterns, your energy reserves, remain always above the empty because the vast majority of human beings are operating on the empty level of their gas tanks.
If they’re lucky they get to put $5 of spiritual energy and go out and have a dinner and come home and they’re back to, what, almost empty again.

And until they regularly self-heal, regularly self-nurture, they can be high dense beings but their frequency will have very difficult times of going high and thus why light worker beings, or light beings, find themselves doing lower density and lower frequency healing in working with the lower, denser beings to resolve karma. Which is the other confusion of why light beings work with dark beings.

-Andrew Bartzis

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