28 October 2016

Why Lightworkers Get Back Pain ~ Almine ~ 27 October 2016

Labyrinth of Renewal ~ Almine
Source: Almine Diary

Why do so many lightworkers have lower back problems (with pain radiating down the legs)? You have always said that lower back pain means feeling unsupported. Why would lightworkers feel unsupported?

Because of a prevalent mindset among light workers that they leave stages behind as they graduate from one stage to another. This misperception creates weakness in the oblique, or stabilizing muscles, as well as the psoas. The upper body is therefore not properly connected and supported to the lower body.

Our evolving consciousness is not grounded if we leave other stages behind. They need to evolve and be integrated with our evolving perception.

How do we integrate and evolve old stages with new levels of higher awareness?

Love is predominantly experienced as an emotion in lower stages of consciousness; as the desire to include. Then it becomes an attitude, which has a mental component with an emotional one. It recognizes the innocence and validity of all life and thus becomes more universal. In advanced levels of mastery it changes to compassionate understanding through the empathic connection of the master with his environment as himself. These changes are a shift of focus, but are still all available to us, since each type of love serves a different purpose. Nothing is left behind in the totality of our being. We purify and uplift and evolve it with us.

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