21 October 2016

Why Nature is Important to Our Ascension - Evelynn Woods - 17 August 2016

Evelynn Embers calls Trees "beings". Anyone who considers Trees as Beings are just fine in my books :)

Thank you to 5D News for posting this.

Source: Earth Embers

Several scientific studies have been conducted on how nature reduces stress levels, and how certain exposure to nature affects our minds. So why not do a study on how nature helps us ascend into higher dimensions and become the true light beings we have been known to be all along?

Trees and other plants are great examples of beings that are capable of helping us reach higher destinations. Connecting with beings such as these on a soul level can really speed up our awakening process and the way we experience this reality. Nature has always been there, one of the most powerful ascension tools at our fingertips.

When you combine another competent tools, like meditation, you have a one way ticket to being able become the being you have desired and seen yourself to be. Meditation is a great way to notice your surroundings, your breath, and the people you see on a daily basis. As a regular meditator, I can honestly say that after meditating for about a month, you will begin to notice that everything you see around you is enhanced twofold. It may taste more powerful, smell more strongly, sound much louder.
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