26 November 2016

11.11 Regenesis Transmission Replay ~ Judy Satori

Judy's website is here.

Thank you for being on the 11.11 Regenesis call. We ran out of available phone lines so I have posted the call below, especially for those of you who missed out on the live call. It is also available on my website home page.

Topic: DNA recoding and regenesis

A new beginning for us all is coming in January 2017. This call will help you understand the many changes that are occurring and get your body ready to pull in the new energy coming soon.

Listen to the call: 80 minutes

Regenesis Follow-Up Q & A call

Many people on the call this week did not have their questions answered as we ran out of available time. I have scheduled a follow-up Q & A at 1 pm PST and 4 pm EST on Tuesday, November 29 which will be 8 am and 10 am on Wednesday, November 30 Sydney and New Zealand time. I will send a quick reminder and access information next week. It is posted on the home page of my website as well.

November 22 at Maharangi, just north of Auckland, New Zealand

I am now back in New Zealand.The call took place from this most beautiful location, just north of Auckland. I am holding two events in New Zealand in February (True Colors two day Masterclass - Auckland - February 4-5) and in March, (The Fundamentals of Physical Regeneration - Mana Retreat Center, Coromandel - March 19-22). Why not take advantage of New Zealand in glorious summer and join us. Registration and content information will be online by the beginning of December. I will also be presenting a Fundamentals of Physical Regeneration class the weekend of February 24-26 in Sydney.

A Free Gift: Clearing Lineage Line DNA Trauma

This transmission comes from the True Colors program, which will be released early in 2017. Lineage line trauma is the trauma energies that we have inherited from our family.
I personally found that listening to these audio tracks brought up extreme sadness...feelings that I sometimes experienced that were not really ME. After working with lineage line DNA trauma clearing I feel lighter, physically better and much more joyful.

Especially for Pat in Burlington, VT, this transmission will help all of us express more of our authentic truth and not be swamped by old family stuff outside of our control. Listen once per day, or if you feel daring, (it will bring more up), listen three times per day until you feel better...three, five, or even nine days. If you do not feel fabulous after this, your problem is not within your lineage line DNA!
Listen to Lineage Line DNA Clearing

(To download, click on the link, right click on the screen (control click on MAC)
and choose Save As option.)

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