24 November 2016

Cultivate That Special Relationship this Thanksgiving a Message from Sananda ~ Elizabeth Trutwin ~ 23 November 2016

Source: Cosmic Ascension

Greetings! Happy Thanksgiving. A message from Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin. You are constantly cultivating special relationships in your life. Let’s first take a look of that relationship you hold with the sacred fire in your heart.

All of the power in the Cosmos is also within you. The electric plasma light which surges with every heartbeat is capable with connecting and healing everything else.

The Trifold Heart and the 13 Chakra System

When you align all 13 chakras at once then you may utilize the violet fire of love, an extension of the plasma light pulsing in your heart, down your shoulders and arms and shooting out of your hands. There is nothing love cannot heal. (see image above)

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