06 November 2016

Declaration of Sovereignty ~ Scott Maurer

Thank you to Galactic Historian for posting this.

Thank you Scott,
-AB Team

With All of my intention, I hereby declare my Sovereignty and I foreclose, nullify and cancel All contracts and All agreements with All Entities throughout All of My Lives, in All Dimensions and in All Timelines. 

It is done. So mote it be. 

In this moment, the I that I Am, agrees to interact only with the most benevolent, service-to-others Entities within the MultiVerse. 

This declaration carries My energy signature as my binding stamp. 

[To use this declaration for your own purposes, you must retype the declaration accompanied by your own intention and signed with your own energy stamp]

-Scott Maurer

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  1. That the earth that has just separated from this ascending timeline has experienced the most devastating nuclear catastrophe which has wiped out the entire Northern hemisphere and has only spared India, Africa and South America. This was the result of special dirty bombs that the dark cabal used to exterminate the entire life in the Northern hemisphere. This was the most intense release of dark energies from this holographic model so far and most probably the last one of this scope before the final ascension. A total catharsis on all levels. This ascending timeline is now still reeling from this onslaught and it will take another 30 days to fully recover. However, it is the new pristine timeline and now fully rid of most dark and chaotic energies. www.stankovuniversallaw.com