12 November 2016

Embracing the Acceleration: Potent Conversations for Focus ~ Sandra Walter ~ 11 November 2016

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

A blessed 11.11 Gateway to all. Today is a perfect opportunity for creating individual and collective unity, peace, and opening to a Divine activation of multidimensional aspects of your prepared DNA. Be sure to get out on Gaia, crystals to connect to the New Grids, meditate and amplify the New Light. Remember the High-Vibe collective has tremendous creative power in these dynamics. Direct your energy properly, Beloveds.

I AM sending everyone love and strength – and very direct messages – during this unfoldment. Below is a video version of the conversation with John Burgos from Tuesday. It contains potent advice and self-examination for Ascension preparedness. Hopefully more will listen to the consistent direction of LOVE, vibrational match, and responsible co-creation.

Remember the October message from Lord Melchizedek when he showed the capitol building murals being painted over in white; this wave is purifying political systems, and that is not an easy task. Make it easier on everyone by denying worry/fear/doubt any access to your consciousness. Let the light do its work, and support the acceleration in its mission by staying on track and focused on Ascension.

A Special 11.11 Broadcast

Lauren Galey interviewed a few Wayshowers (including myself) to give the higher perspective on what is unfolding. I was surprised to hear that so many are troubled by the election, so my input is very direct. Remember the old light has no power with these waves of higher frequency; all it can do is coerce Creator Beings (HUmans) to create negative realities. The 3D illusion has been recreated by HUmans for years. It is the collective unawakened and the easily swayed who keep the old timelines running at this point. As we have stated, and continue to remind the collective, pull back and see the overarching higher plan rather than watch the old realities die off. You know how consciousness works by now, yes? Your participation in negativity makes it last longer.

The solution to disempowerment and manipulation is, and always has been, Ascension. Consciously choosing Love, Higher Light dynamics, Divine Empowerment, Unity and the New possibilities expands us beyond the influence of lesser agendas. So many are experiencing the bliss and ecstasy of self-realization; our vibrations level up faster than ever. Spiritual maturity and the higher vibration dominate the collective reality now, and everyone must embrace responsible creation. It is possible to raise the collective by quantum proxy. Be the solution. Now.

All is incredibly well, Beloveds. Breathe, have patience and direct your intentions well.

Please continue at Sandra's website for links.

PS. I haven't yet listened to either of the broadcasts.

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