28 November 2016

Indigenous Sub-Race Agenda ~ My Own Observations


As the title says, this is just my own take on things so please go with your own guidance. If it doesn't sit well with you, give it a miss.

Thirteen years ago, a small group of Australian friends took it upon themselves to re-educate me about the Aboriginal history of their country. It was a sobering lesson which left me horrified yet angry; I'm forever grateful to this remarkable and brutally honest group of friends because their truth-telling inspired me look beyond appearances and "official history" for Indigenous People around the world. My research uncovered a common thread of intentional and often brutal marginalisation of these sub-races, coupled with a steely determination to snuff out their true identity and origins, replacing them with fake versions that mock everything these sub-Races represent.

The assault and decimation continues unabated today in varying degrees, with Standing Rock being the very visible representation of what the dark is doing to these people and Mother Gaia. In my own country, a milder version is taking place ~ our Natives are being systematically converted by Christians under the guise of "education" and "outreach programs".

I thought I had properly learnt about the genocide of the Native Americans, until about a month ago when I came upon an article bearing the following image:

Arts and Justice

I had never before thought of Thanksgiving as something that was linked to the atrocities committed against the Native Americans, so this was indeed an eye-opener.

As I spent some time mulling over this and the awful situation at Standing Rock, a clearer picture emerged for me ~ this is yet another sinister and occult program with deeper objectives than just a holiday. I had written this in an earlier post (here):

"The Standing Rock incident is, to me, a microcosm of the macro agenda ~ of suppression and control of the Planetary life force and energies, by the negatives; the culling and pollution of organic life; the beating down of resistance to their diabolical goals."
Now I know there's so much more to it than what I wrote.

If we acknowledge that we're being controlled, manipulated and programmed every which way we turn (they've had a very long time to become experts), then the unholy purpose of Thanksgiving makes sense. If we are also aware that Black Magic is woven into the tapestry of daily living so that we are continually entrapped in its dark energies, then we will begin to see how we acquiesce to their agendas without even having a fleeting moment of suspicion.

In Australia, they built their churches on top of sacred Aboriginal lands. This is not just to obliterate the Aboriginal influences and symbolically raise their (bloody) hands in triumph ~ this is so that each Sunday, people stream into these churches and carry out their religious rituals, casting a Black Magic spell that continues to suppress and pervert the Native energies. (Don't they question the symbolism of drinking the blood and eating the flesh of their Saviour?)

Thanksgiving is yet another religious ritual. In essence, people give thanks and celebrate the mass murders of Natives, grateful that the land has been conquered and the Natives rendered largely silent and absent.  Again, it's the annual casting of Black Magic that ensures the Native Spirit stays beaten down, their bond and connection to Mother Gaia and their Star Families greatly diminished. Imagine how strong this gets, energetically, when millions and millions of people reinforce this every year.

What can we do to negate all this vile evil?  Plenty.

We are creator gods and goddesses who are rapidly becoming more aware of our true origins, increasingly taking back our power and reclaiming our Sovereignty.

We can un-create the conditions that we unwittingly helped to create.

We can revoke all negative contracts made without our conscious awareness.

We can weave and cast our own White Magic.

Similar to what I suggested for the voting Soul contract revocation previously, we could nullify our implied support of the massacre and instead give thanks to the Natives and their ancestors before them, expressing support and gratitude for what they do to hold on as tenaciously as possible to what is authentic. We could call in the Divine Feminine energies to once again imbue sacred lands with Love, and call in the Divine Masculine energies to protect them.

Everything is energy, frequency and vibration, as Nikola Tesla so wisely counselled. With this in mind, we can come up with so many ways with which to counter the situation using positive intent and White Magic. I know, from our communications, that many of you are very skilled and wise in coming up with your own practices, some of which leave me gobsmacked in their elegance and potency. That's White Magic at play!

The dark had plenty of time to get very good in their twisted games. However, in any game, you need players and you need to follow the(ir) rules. The games can't be played if there are no players or if the players play according to different rules.

When we quit playing, the game ends. Then we can get to creating our authentic world.


  1. Very insightful. And I think people should know that the persistent peaceful protest being engaged in at Standing Rock is making a difference.

    It is even waking up law enforcement with a Sheriff from Montana refusing to take his men there to aid the pipeline, and asking "When did we become separate from the public (we are meant to serve). We are not the enemy."

    1. Namaste and Blessings, Shaunie. May these atrocities end very shortly.