05 November 2016

Liberation Update ~ Therese Zumi Sumner ~ 4 November 2016

Source: Prepare For Change

The Bad News and the Good News

We have to be clear as we follow reports from Cobra that there is an ongoing war in our Solar System between the Forces of Light and the Chimera group. Whenever the Forces of Light have made great progress there has been a quick response with retaliatory attacks by the Chimera. As we are all hostages on this planet whether we know it or not they the Chimera always increase attacks on Lightworkers when they realise that they are losing ground. Looking back over the past 7 months or so we have seen how they have lost ground and then retaliated strongly and yet I want to ask the reader to focus upon the following words from Cobra “Every major setback is thus followed with a big leap forward.”

Progress of the Light Forces (1)

On March 26th 2016 we learned from Cobra that the strangelet bombs had finally been dealt with,” The vast majority of plasma strangelet bombs have been removed and now the Light forces are focusing on removal of plasma toplet bombs, successfully using the same approach.”

In this same update we learn the following details of how the cabal is trying to find an escape route here on the surface of Gaia.

The Illuminazi faction of the Cabal is beginning to realize that the game is over and that they will not be able to escape deeply underground or into the Solar System. Their plan is to avoid mass arrests at the time of the Event by leaving their strongholds in Texas, crossing the Mexican border, flying from Mexico to Argentina and from there go with submarines to Antarctica into shallow underground bases, using old connections from the time when Nazis did the same thing in 1945:


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