09 November 2016

November Energies: Annoyed and physically ill? Here is why…. ~ Vera ~ 8 October 2016

Source: The Wake Up Experience

High light frequencies keep streaming in and we are headed towards the 11.11 gateway in lightening speed. It seems as if we are getting support by another geomagnetic storm, caused by a huge CME that left a canyon on the sun of 200.000 km length as spaceweather.com reports. It is supposed to hit earth on November 8. If so, this will give us an extra push and more energetic potential to transmute energies quickly. As it was already described in the article about the cleansing finals, the energies are building up very quickly now and we go through a lot of transformation in a very short time. Our systems are overtaxed and we feel like we have left one reality without having fully entered the new one yet. Almost as if we were floating between dimensions. 

The changes within us happen so fast now, that neither our physical body nor our external reality are able to catch up yet. All of this is causing a feeling of being very annoyed and confused. We feel we have moved forward so much and have done so much inner work. And yet, this still does not feel blissful at all. We are still suffering from intense fatigues and are overwhelmed by all the possibilities we are shown our life could take us to next. So overwhelmed, that we rather just want to ignore it all. Can’t we just get over with the guessing and puzzle game and get a clear sign for once?
No, not yet. The disconnect is important right now. We need it to make the transition into 5D. And we only can do this alone. We need to fully trust our own intuition and need to have mastered self-love and self-confidence to be able to make this shift. Our guides are doing us a favour by not being very present. They know that we have reached a point where we are able to walk through this portal on our own. And it is coming up soon! The energetic gateway has already opened for the huge portal into new beginnings on 11.11. In preparation for it, we already are in a major balancing phase, November 8 is the exact half way between equinox and solstice, a day of balance and harmony. And a tipping point. Letting go of the last bits of 3D energies still hanging around in our energy fields. The super full moon on November 14 will help with these final cleansings. All of what we are experiencing now is the preparation for all the new coming in, which will manifest quicker than ever. How amusing, that November 8 is election day in the US. There are no coincidences. So, if you feel fed up with all that ascension stuff and all the uncertainty, just take some time to look back and see how much has changed and moved forward for you in such a short time. How much you have grown and learned. We tend to forget to appreciate our achievements while we focus on all the construction sites in our life.

Time becomes intangible

For many, time is hardly tangible anymore. Especially for those that have left schedules and routines behind. A past week can feel like a year has gone by because so much is happening at once. Our mind is not able to process all the changes we are going through and is not able to remember or recall things correctly. That is why it thinks that a lot more time must have past by. We have a hard time remembering things from our old 3D life. It feels more like a past life memory and very surreal. We are experiencing the dissolving of linear time, the more we move into the now and understand that this is our only reality. As we drop our fears, the process of aging slows down and gets even reversed. We indeed grow younger. Another reason why the significance of time stops. Without aging, there is no pressure to achieve anything quickly. We have eternity to do so!

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