05 November 2016

Old 3D Healing Tools Don’t Work For 5D Humans ~ Denise Le Fay ~ 1 November 2016

A brave but necessary update from Denise Le Fay. Many years ago, while I was following Tobias from Crimson Circle before he his walk-in, we were told that as we raise our frequencies ever higher, the usual healing modalities that were based and tuned to 3D frequencies would cease to work. Kryon also explained something similar but from a different context ~ not all healing modalities would work for everyone. For example, essential oils may not work for someone who is vibrating at a lower frequency. Such individuals may be better off with allopathic medication (and I'm paraphrasing).

Source: Transitions

A recent Comment by an Ascension overload sufferer inspired this article. Thanks for it Karen.❤
Since 2003, I’ve repeatedly heard people say online how they use different old 3D (third dimension) tools, methods and belief systems etc. to help them with their evolutionary Ascension Process induced aches, pains, pressures and related symptoms or side effects of becoming a 5D (fifth dimension) human being in a physical body.

I’ve never understood this thinking or expecting old school 3D, pre-Ascension Process tools and methods to actually help with evolving into a physically embodied 5D human. How could such lower frequency tools and methods be beneficial on someone whose literally vibrating higher and faster than they are? They cannot is the fast answer and why should be obvious.

The difference between a 3D human being and body, central nervous system, DNA, brain wiring, consciousness and perceptions with that of a 5D human being and body and all the rest of it is so extreme that they’re barely the same species! That was not an exaggeration for dramatic effect, but a hard fact. This is evolution, highly compressed evolution yes, but evolution nonetheless and we’re living it now in these lives and these physical bodies.

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