09 November 2016

Promised Land: Sacred Keepers of The Garden ~ Lauren C Gorgo ~ 8 November 2016

Source: Think With Your Heart

Dear ensouling people of earth…I seriously don’t know how we made it, but it’s November. Ten down, two to go, and we. are. outta. here.  As it turns out, this 9-vibe is for straight up masochists.

As such, we have all just come through quite an extraordinary couple of months of compression (accelerated awakening/mutation/light-body upgrades) as the contractions needed to complete the birth of the new reality intensify, quicken and squeeze us out of duality for good.

This month we continue to deepen, integrating the recent slurry of light codes and the transformations continue on as we prepare for: 1) the outcome to the U.S. election, 2) the 11:11 gateway, shortly followed up by 3) the biggest supermoon since 1948 (on 11/14).

As we make our way to the final gateways of this 9-year universal cycle, we are also approaching a major turning point as many of us move thru the completion of our mastery level initiations while continuing to resolve all karmic contracts in preparation for the new year/new universal cycle.

The frequency of this new creation cycle opened to us on the 8:8 gateway (when we could FEEL it’s goodness) but has since been grounding into the denser dimensions of earth (kicking up shadows) and while still working it’s way into our everyday life, this incredibly clear, pure, brilliant, resilient, creative, diamond-like energy is beginning to cut thru the smog, making itself known in unavoidable ways.  Those tuned in can feel it’s activating power, that it is here to change everything in the physical world…to literally restructure our bodies, lives, society, systems and earth herself.

When we can personally hold this extremely high vibration within our cells…which is the excruciating part and why so many of us have had such a challenging time following the Lion’s Gate this year…we ourselves will become divine transmitters and transducers, radiating the sacred properties of light everywhere we go, converting/changing the properties of energy around us to reflect the more refined Sources of light.  This not only creates opportunities for those around us to open to this energy, it leaves a profound imprint on everyone we meet and is an important part of the Divine Plan that begins in 2017 via the new creation cycle.

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