12 November 2016

Reclaim Your Sovereignty: Stepping Beyond the Collective ~ Meg Benedicte and John Burgos ~ 7 November 2016

This came out some days ago but I only managed to listen yesterday, which was very appropriate for two reasons ~ it was the 11:11 and what Meg Benedicte said made even more sense post-election.

It's time to reclaim our Sovereignty, it's time to be the creator beings we truly are. In this session, Meg explains that Hillary represents the Shadow Feminine and Trump, the Shadow Masculine. In the intense Light of the energies that are streaming onto the Planet, Shadow constructs will not last long.

Meg also shared Eric Francis' astrological interpretation (Planet Waves) where he suggests that whoever gets selected will be a Shadow President, and that the process is shrouded in secrecy with backroom deals deciding the outcome. Lots more details in the show.

There is a powerful Quantum Access Activation included in this show as Meg guides us through dissolving the polarity and integrating the Singularity.

You can listen to the replay here. I'm not sure if this page is permanent, so if you are interested, best to listen soon.

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