07 November 2016

Sage, Not Rage

The Earth Tribe
I started to write this since the first of this month, but couldn't seem to continue further due to time constraints. As it turned out, the delay had to be, because now I can refer to a couple of messages that came out in the past couple of days, as well as to the image above, which I only saw yesterday, thanks to Kelly Lapseritis.

This is just me, rambling ~ due notice served. And I will speak solely and only for myself.

Until the Bitter End
The rising insanity that's playing out on the world stage has crescendoed to such an alarming level that I sometimes rhetorically ask how long more it can go on before the general public rubs the sleep (and disbelief) from their eyes and see the mess for what it truly is. At this stage, it looks like the lower density "reality" isn't just going to fade away quietly; I think it's going to fight for its existence right until the last nanosecond of its bitter end.

How far away that bitter end is depends to a large degree on how the awakened population responds to every scene that unfolds from one moment to another. I see quite a number of gloating, vengeful, raging, self-righteous, ill-intent or divisive reactions ~ I find that disturbing because these responses carry a frequency that is neither positive nor conscious.

An Eye For An Eye
Being the progeny of Creator Beings and therefore having creator abilities, such negative responses would energetically perpetuate and sustain the existence of the lower density. Adding negative energy to a negative situation ~ no positive outcome can come out it. As Einstein explains, problems cannot be resolved at the same level of thinking that created them. Responding negatively to a negative situation will not generate a positive outcome; the energy will only feed the existing negativity.

In the early 80's, fighting between rival Chinese gangs ended in an explosion in London's Chinatown. If I recall correctly, the Metropolitan Police had to seek the expertise of their Hong Kong counterparts because they didn't know how to properly and adequately handle the case, having had no experience in the workings of Triads. I look at the current situation in the same way ~ how qualified would the world courts be in meting out "justice" for crimes against Humanity that are rooted in ancient origins that are not even apparently clear at this point in time? And that's assuming the world courts are themselves fair and just. In this context, I feel that adequate and proper trials can only be administered by what Andrew Bartzis calls Spiritual Court of Equity or some similar Galactic Court, based on Universal Laws or the Galactic Codex.

I also recall what was related in "Conflict in Space" by Alkesh, formerly of Galactis. The Sirians reacted to a terrible and vicious attack by the Reptilians in a manner that may not be appropriately understood by many. As higher dimensional Beings, they had to take into account Universal Laws while defending themselves, even to the extent of encompassing other circumstances not directly related to the attack itself. It's not a question of retaliating with matching frequencies, but defending themselves in a conscious manner and still be in service. The video is no longer available but if you wish to know a bit about it, you can read it here.

Different Tentacles
I'm not American, but I'll say something about the hullabaloo that's being enacted. As an Earth Human, I feel I have that right, because just like in Atlantis, what happens in US will ultimately affect the rest of the world, at least for a while. America/Atlantis Redux takes centre-stage once again. I see the candidates as two different tentacles of the same giant octopus that's controlling the world. Separate tentacles, yes.... but attached to the same head. Elizabeth Trutwin identified Hillary with having Draconian origins and the other candidate from Archon lineage; Simon Parkes explained that the former is the corporate arm while the latter is the military; and as Cobra has repeatedly said, both are Cabal.

At best, they are both representations of a control system that is now seeing its own demise. The controller machine has successful driven a wedge between the awakened community as individuals choose one side over another. It has also been a loosh vacuum for individuals who rage against either/both. All in all, a huge distraction that has consumed countless hours of precious time from hundreds of millions of individuals all over the world.

And didn't Cobra mention that plans are underway to sever the octopus head?.....

Treading Water
From my personal communications, I can vouch that many are going through very challenging times. Whether it's express clearing, energetic attacks, Atlantean Overlay or whatever, only each individual can know for sure. Over the past several weeks, I've felt on many occasions like I'm desperately trying to tread water with five people holding on to me. I have family members who depend on me, and they are going through very testing times of their own.

Like many others with whom I communicate, I am doing the best I can, moment by moment. We are all stretched too thin, tired beyond description and almost totally drained. With each passing day, we find it harder and harder to look at the pure madness of Human life in this matrix ~ we know it has outlived its very existence. Straddling both worlds is becoming increasingly challenging. It is very difficult when we can see through the conditioning and programming but our loved ones don't. It's like having to clean a dirty carpet manually because they don't believe vacuum cleaners exist. Many of us are in the same boat ~ we just need to ensure that we get ourselves safely to shore...without rocking it too much.

And in these testing times, I also see it as a "test". I'm well aware that every decision I make, makes a difference ~ will I succumb to lower density reactions (negativity) or do I make a choice from a higher consciousness? Walking my talk from a place of Sovereignty every conscious moment, that's what I know I have to do. Well, just this morning I got really annoyed with some driver who veered dangerously at high speed into my lane, and I asked out loud to no one in particular how anyone could be so stupid. I believe I called him a twerp. Then I made myself bless the situation, rather reluctantly. So you see, I don't always make it but I'm trying, I'm doing my best :)

Written in the Stars
The Galactic Night is ending, and the Galactic Day is just behind the looming horizon, already peeking out a little bit. This Cosmic event cannot be stopped; day will surely follow night, be it on a Planetary or Galactic level.  Other cycles also come into play ~ Kali Yuga ending, and Satya Yuga or the Golden Age begins; the Mayan Great Cycle; the Jain Cycle. Then we have the various Prophecies maintained over the generations by the Natives ~ they all speak of a great Age when Light reigns over the Planet once more, effectively ending a prolonged period of darkness. The cusp of all these cycles or ages is the current time.

Additionally, there is also a Cosmic Reset which will transform the landscape of Creation, in effect "correcting" an anomaly that has existed since the birth of the Universe.

Our way Home is assured, of that I'm certain. How and when we get there is another question altogether.

Sage, Not Rage
Mosquitoes launch a last-ditch attack just before dawn. Using this analogy (okay, I admit that my analogies aren't fantastic), the dark is doing just that. They know that the dawning of Galactic Day is fast approaching, which means they are running out of time before their existence becomes history. Add to that the in-fighting as well as the groundswell of resistance from the "peasants", and you've got a dangerous beast completely bent on creating hell at all costs. They are doing everything they can to ensure their survival.

So what can I do as an individual? I've recently taken to Bless-blasting the literal crap out of the situation on a daily basis, with as much gusto as I can muster. It desperately needs a huge slathering of positive high vibes in order to heal and transmute the negativity. Imagine what can happen if every awakened individual starts targetting it with higher consciousness, using whatever method that works best for them. Such a blitzkrieg of positive high vibes will change the energy equation very quickly. The weekly Ascension meditation as well as the recently-posted Planetary Mind & Sun Activation meditation are very good examples of what creator Beings can do to create a deluge of transformative energies.

Time for me to get my sage stick.....

If you haven't already done so, please do read:
An Election of Evolutionary Proportion by Maureen Moss
11:11 Stargate Portal by Meg Benedicte



  1. Bravo, Grace!!!

    I've somehow managed to change my perspective on things...and instead of feeling tired and "wrung out" by all this wild craziness, I'm actually excited and energized by it! With every new influx of energy, whether it's an election, a full moon, an equinox, or a magnetic storm, I open my heart wide, "drink in" the energy, and ask for more! BRING IT ON, FOLKS! :)

    I try look carefully at every situation, data point, or even rumor that brings itself to my attention and I use it to make a conscious choice. Do I choose to accept this as my Truth...or not? Does this event support my vision for a New Earth and an evolved humanity...or does it represent a different outcome, one that someone else is trying to force onto a sleeping herd?

    Just as your situation with your crazy driver (my goodness, the world seems FULL of them lately, doesn't it?), I bless the situation with Love, let it go, and trust that everything will work out PERFECTLY for the benefit of all.

    I think many are finally realizing that the time has come for us to break out of our "victim" mentality programming--where everything is done TO us and we simply react to it. WE ARE CREATORS. WE ARE DIVINE ASPECTS OF ONE BEING AND ALL ARE EQUALLY LOVED AND SUPPORTED. Each is free to create through his or her own Free Will, and we only stop creating when we allow others to usurp our Power.


    As Jamye Price always likes to say, it's time for us to "BLAST ON!!!!"

    With Love,


    <3 <3 <3

    1. Stargazer, very well said, again!!

      This is the sort of determination and intensity that is needed right now, with "right now" being the emphasis, now that the Election circus is over.

      We have a really huge task ahead of us, and it takes every single awakened individual to get it done. We're not here as arm-chair observers or box-seat critics or even idle by-standers. We are here to set things into motion, and with people like you taking charge, we'll get this done right :)

      Love and Blessings