18 November 2016

Sasquatch Message to Humanity : Part 2 ~ Chapter 4 ~ Kamooh and Sunbow DawaOutah Lomakatsi

Source: Kelly Lapseritis; these messages are also compiled at The Sasquatch People.

Chapter 4 of the Continued Sasquatch Message to Humanity (Part Two) as transcribed by SunBĂ´w, (DawaOutah LomaKatsi) written 11/14/16

After a couple weeks of interactions on different levels and in several places with Human relatives, Kamooh asked me to perform my ceremonial duty and do a prayer pipe ceremony, on this closest Super Full Moon from Earth since 1948, at our elder Tom's place, who carries the Sasquatch tipis and gave me the pipe bag I have used since last Full Moon that belonged to Sun Bear. Kelly and Susan also took part. We all are part of the core team intensively involved in the conference two moons ago, in its continuation and the ongoing convergence. Two hours later, the US Army Corps of Engineers announced the end of the construction of the DAPL pipeline. Tonight, the Elders are with me, ready to transmit more of their message. They speak as one, in One Spirit.

Sasquatch says:
''As we wish to assist Humanity, a growing number of your Human People has been developing communications with our Sasquatch People and with our Star Elders, in these crucial times of Earth changes. For those who wish to know us and learn from us, we are ready to meet them, but they have to show us first the intensity of their intention and dedication through their actions. They first must be ready to come forward on their own in the wilderness and feel at peace, without fear. If they are afraid of our brother Bear, Wolf or Cougar and see them as enemies, they are far from ready to meet us Sasquatch.''

''Then, if people wait for us in their living room and show no signs of good will or efforts to reach us, why would we go and meet them? We do not come on command, we do not want to be summoned, nor do we want anyone to expect anything from us. We want to be respected and honored as your friends, relatives and allies, just like we treat all life. Expecting proofs or physical signs is missing out on the spiritual teachings we offer you.''

''We appreciate your ceremonies and honor your prayers, joining with you in One Spirit. To show our support, we send blessings and gifts; we might come and manifest when we feel your intention is pure, the timing is right, and it can be useful in your Soul evolution. Free will allows us to talk to whoever we want, when and where we choose, if it feels right. No Human has control over our comings and goings, nor over what we have to say. No Human either can prevent another one to communicate with us. Only oneself can.''

''But as experiencers soon learn, it is only by knowing of our interdimensional abilities that you can understand Sasquatch and Star Elders. So those whose materialistic minds that try to rationalize and deny interdimensionality will never get to know us nor themselves.''

''Before we go deeper into describing the various dimensions, let us explain why it is so important for your spiritual evolution to understand interdimensionality and its essence. Knowledge of the Omniverse, or true holistic science, explains the meaning of existence. Without the wisdom of immanent consciousness, life soon becomes an obscure chaos.''

''There is no existence without consciousness. This has been proven by quantum physics with the well known two slots experiment, showing that particles manifest into existence only when observed by consciousness, without which everything remains as waves of possibilities in parallel dimensions. Thus, the purpose of existence is the evolution of consciousness, through experience and expansion of the Soul, and on the biological level, by the transmission of acquired information to the following cells through genetic codes.''

''Everything in the universe, including sounds, images, entities and material particles, is made of information codes or electromagnetic messages carried on waves in the cosmos. All remains in the state of possibilities until waves cross, opening interdimensional portals or vortices allowing quantum leaks, where they combine to create a suited harmonic resonance forming defined energy fields that become physical particles when stabilized in linear time. The whole process of emission of the information on waves and of the manifestation of possibilities in material form is conducted all along by consciousness. When materialistic minds deny the existence of other planes or of interdimensionality, they not only expose their ignorance, but go against what your science already knows. The more they deny the Omniversal truths, the more they rebel against their own Self. Hence, ignorance can lead to disaster, leaving you in the fatality of material temporality.''

''Knowledge and truth, information and consciousness, are forever present and available. When new facts or principles are discovered, decoded and expressed by individuals, they manifest in your collective consciousness, but universal laws remain always the same. Knowledge can be hidden or distorted, so it often takes much time before it reaches your collective consciousness, especially at this time when Humans are so divided and lied to.''

''What makes it so hard for your Human People to grasp your multidimensional nature and that of the Omniverse is that your collective consciousness has been trapped into an illusion grid keeping it locked into the material plane, which is merely a thin layer of the spectrum of the Omniverse, representing only four percent of its different energy forms. The material plane is the only dimension subjected to the limitations of linear time, a simple fleeting illusion that persists, in which you have been conditioned hard to believe.''

''The Theory of Relativity defines time as the fourth dimension; yet a century later, most of your people still believe they live in a three dimensional universe in material space. This theory, although a giant leap for your science, was corrected and adjusted since. Because any amount of energy or quantum can be calculated for only a given moment in time, since quantum leaks continually occur, exchanging energy between a diversity of quanta, the equation E = mc2can only apply to the material plane, for a given moment in 4D linear time, or in the figurative sense, it works only for a photograph fixing a quantum in frozen time. This formula does not apply to other dimensions of time-consciousness.''

''Since the material plane is not fixed in stable values and interacts continually with other dimensional planes like the Meta-Universe of anti-matter and the Alter-Universe of 'dark' or Alter-Matter, causing constant quantum changes, this equation does not describe the Omniverse with all its multidimensional possibilities, rather only the material universe. Tesla corrected Einstein by adding time to the equation: E = mc2+T; connecting all planes. Because there are other dimensions of time than the 4D linear time you know too well.''

''You have been led to call them the dimensions of space, but they are in fact dimensions of time-consciousness, each one having different times and one existing outside of space. While consciousness exists in all continuums, times and cycles are its measures. Einstein's equation keeps you locked into the 4D linear time and the material plane, while Tesla's opens your understanding to other planes or dimensions of time-consciousness.''

''This is because the latter, as Tesla wrote, telepathically channeled direct information from interdimensional star beings and angels. But Humanity was not ready to receive that form of higher knowledge yet, including the principles of free energy and time travel. Hundreds of his inventions have shaped your modern world, but the lower lords have imposed destructive technologies instead. The battle fought, and fortunately lost, by corporate powers to impose direct current over alternative current, gives a good example of how the controllers try to keep you by force and lies in their 4D materialistic prison grid. We pray that Humanity now gets ready to evolve into a higher phase of progress, with free energies and ecological technologies before the tipping point causing ecosystems to collapse, after which unbalance it takes very long for life to recover, thrive and evolve. This planetary shift into a peaceful, spiritual, ecological civilization is the main condition needed to guarantee the continuity of your own survival, development and evolution.''

''You tend to think that you live in a three dimensional material space, because you perceive the length, the width and the height of the space around you. But there are no other limits to the space around you than the extent of what you can perceive in time. And what does separate you from the rest of the space around you? The answer is, the time that it takes for you to perceive it. If you expand your consciousness just a little more, you can see that what limits your existence in the material plane is not as much space, as time.''

''As your body ages, it weakens, becomes fragile and vulnerable; soon a life time is over. This is the fatality of the 4D linear time-consciousness, made of beginnings and endings. Incarnations in biological bodies usually lead to death, requiring new bodies for the souls. For highly spiritually evolved souls, the material plane is perceived as a dimension of higher densities and lower frequencies, often inhospitable for them, making them prefer to remain mostly of higher planes, especially in a time like now on a planet like our Earth. This is why spiritually elevated beings, when their mission is fulfilled in their incarnation, can choose willingly to migrate to another dimension, leaving the physical shell behind. The length of the process of stretching the silver cord anchoring the soul's alter-body to the physical incarnation, until it breaks loose in a peaceful detachment, depends on the souls' readiness and individual destinies. Spirit allies support them during the transition.''

''Linear time is defined by the speed of light, the limit dividing non-material from material planes, and enclosing the latter within the set continuum of the universal laws of physics. The physical plane involves time limitations, space restrictions and survival necessities, and a constant need for the renewing of itself until exhaustion of the biological bodies, which then frees the souls back to the Alter-Universe in so-called afterlife, being only a state of consciousness outside of linear timelines known between physical incarnations.''

''You have been told and aspire to see Humanity's collective consciousness reach the fifth dimension, but before you can know the 5D circular or toroidal time-consciousness, you must first understand the 4D linear time your consciousness is trapped in, without being aware of it. And to understand the 4D, you must comprehend the previous 1D, 2D and 3D. Since every dimension depends on the previous one for its existence, the first one is the most important because it is the only infinite dimension that created all finite dimensions. Being in and outside of all continuums, it is also the hardest one to seize for the limited understanding of our finite souls. 1D is, in fact, beyond any conceivable understanding.''

''Linear time or 4D, is 3D space unfolding on itself; it can only exist in material space and be calculated through movement. It is of relative value: every planet and star has their own timeline and cycle, defining all their respective time scales, velocity and duration. In your Human timeline on Earth, you are used to certain cycles, speeds, periods or ages. Expanding your consciousness, you remember that the sunlight takes eight minutes to reach Earth. When looking at stars light years away, you look at thousands, or millions of year into the past. What you see now is what happened long ago, far away in the cosmos. You might be looking at long extinct stars without knowing, yet you still see them today.''

''This is to help you comprehend that linear time is a relative quantitative value that applies only in 3D material space. At the speed of light, time becomes a unified field and matter becomes pure energy, which is consciousness carrying information beyond time. Linear time flows one way, like a river in the physical world, and it never returns on its path; it flies like the wind that you cannot catch as you feel it passing by, slowly or fast. Its current is persistent, never ending its influence on the physical world it seems to rule.''

''Even within a same environment, timelines can be totally different in cycles and scales. Take the Hummingbird, smallest of birds and fastest moving vertebrate living on Earth. Its wings beat eighty times a second or four-thousand-eight-hundred times a minute; its heart beats twelve hundred times a minute; and it can dive at the speed of three-hundred and sixty-five times its body length per second. Put at Human scale, this would have you fly at over twice the speed of sound, what even your best pilots could hardly handle in an environment with obstacles, the human brain not being gifted with fast enough reflexes. But the smallest of all birds and its miniature brain, for a dozen years of life, can handle processing the information of its environment at a speed beyond your comprehension.''

''Matter really is information codes manifested in linear time by observing consciousness. Matter is made of data that compose electromagnetic fields appearing as solid and stable in the physical plane, while being a continuously changing collection of quanta or in other words, interacting with other dimensions of the Multiverse. That is why matter can never be completely understood without the acknowledgment of the other dimensional planes. The greatest achievement science could make is to find higher planes beyond matter.''

''Physical matter represents just a thin layer of the electromagnetic spectrum, a small fraction made of lower frequencies and higher densities turned into forms and shapes. When your consciousness starts to know other time-consciousness dimensions, you realize that the material plane is but a movie played on a screen in linear time, or more precisely a 3D holographic projection unfolding through material space in 4D linear time. You observe this material universe through the reflections of light upon electromagnetic fields, just like a movie on the screen, but the images projected are no more than an optical illusion. The original images are stored on the film rolls or on the computer disks; in this 2D form, the whole movie timeline exists outside of linear time, as data information.''

''Just like you can view the movie anytime, skip scenes, rewind it or fast forward, the awakening of interdimensional consciousness can allow you to read the holographic library containing the blueprint of all past and future timelines in the universe, known as the akashic records or Akasha, a Sanskrit word meaning 'space,' relating to the 2D Flat Universe, the first manifestation of space outside 3D. This Universal Memory or Universal Mind is like the computer drive holding the data or a mirror reflecting the material plane.''

''This data or information carrying the codes of the material universe is contained in the second dimension or Meta-Universe, made of what we call Meta-Matter, but that your scientists call anti-matter. Although it is the antithesis of physical matter, existing outside of 3D space and 4D linear time, its existence does not compete against physical matter but rather contains the information codes that are reflected in 3D space and 4D linear time. Your scientists call it anti-matter because opposing it to matter, they speculate that if a particle of each were brought together, they would eliminate each other and turn to void. They should know instead that nothing is lost, everything is transformed. What happens really is that by combining the two opposed particles, the linear time illusion dissolves and the physical matter particle becomes undetectable to the technology of materialistic science. Your science has just recently discovered the law of Super Symmetry, learning that every single particle of physical matter has an existing twin or ghost in anti-matter. These Meta-Matter twins are data codes stored out of the material plane and linear time.''

''Just like all encoded information makes timelines exist outside of linear time, it is consciousness that conceived and created the images and sounds, or all data that are stored in the files, to be projected in linear space-time. Since information exists outside of linear time and consciousness conceived it, consciousness is the only infinite dimension existing by itself in infinite time, outside of space, in and outside of all the others planes. It is the original 1D that created all planes and the only infinite eternal dimension of time-consciousness. It it the ensemble of all the elements, that includes all powers and possibilities, all information, truth and existence, all planes, dimensions and continuums.''

''This immanent One-in-All-Unity and transcendent All-in-One-Unicity is what you may call God, Creator, Great Spirit, Great Mystery, Universal Consciousness, Original Soul, Atman. As we told you before, we the Sasquatch and Star Elders Council do not personalize this Supreme Being with any Human characteristics nor anthropomorphic features, nor with any of our own features, as a matter fact. Although we also counted some among us or our Star Elders who have attained a state of divine holiness, we do not worship any of them, but honor them in our collective memories and stories passed on through aeons. Interspecies relations teach us to see this Divine Consciousness as a common reality we all share, regardless of origins or genetics that cannot be limited to any single avatar. Universal Divinity is beyond conceptions and representations, above any species' limits.''

''There are some highly evolved star beings that your ancestors have called gods, who bear Human-like traits and physiognomies, some who are in fact your ancestors that co-created you in their image and passed on their DNA star seeds in your genetic memory. Immortals and spiritually evolved long-living mortals were part of your distant ancestry. But even the most holy Star Eldest Elders do not pose as gods, but as vehicles and channels of Universal Consciousness and Divine Wisdom. This is why they all connect in One Spirit. If their individual egos would not be healed and devoted to their dharmic duty of watching over worlds and maintaining the Cosmic Law in the Omniverse, they could not fulfill their mission, nor even sit in the Council of Star Elders to merge in One Spirit.''

''As you see, we speak as many tonight, yet we all speak as One Soul. Kamooh has never wished to become famous or even known, but as our Sasquatch Eldest Elder he has been appointed to dedicate the rest of his life in building connections and teaching Humanity. We thank him for the devotional work he has done with you and other communicators, which has been quite demanding, but has brought forth fruitful results, opening portals. He will work again with you, and his hair you carry is his gift of long lasting friendship.''

''His duty is now keeping him busy in the Alter-Universe, where he is supporting his beloved life time consort Wohola, as she prepares to leave the material plane definitively. Her physical shell has accumulated millennia of aging and is now a pain for her to carry. Kamooh has tried to convince her to stay anchored in this plane, but respects her choice of leaving it and letting go of the silver cord. As highly empathic as she is, she feels in her body much pain inflicted on Mother Earth and her creatures, afflicting her heart deeply. She feels sorrows and sufferings coming that she does not want to see in her long life.''

''We know that it saddens your heart to hear that your beloved Elder, and second oldest living relative which visited you again on last Full Moon, has decided to depart from the physical plane. She came on the star ship you saw above, for a last time in her physical form, to bid you farewell. And you saw, many of our tribes and Star relatives were there for the occasion. You noticed that she could not stand anymore in this physical density, as her old leg bones refuse to carry her. For these many reasons, she sees this passage into the Alter-Universe as a deliverance from the sufferings our Mother Earth is knowing.''

''Yes, us Sasquatch are also mortal beings in our incarnated forms, but immortal souls just like you are. We usually live much longer than your people, but not all of us become a spiritual master, and only a rare few reach immortality. We see physical death only as a simple transition from the 4D linear space-time into the Alter-Universe, in which we travel even while in the physical shell. So we can speak with our departed loved ones when we wish to connect with them, in that astral plane beyond the linear space-time continuum.''

''Some of your shamanic people gifted with clairvoyance currently still can do this as well. Be assured that Wohola, and all your departed beloved ones, can still appear and talk to you in their astral form from the Alter-Universe constantly interacting with the physical. So you understand that even if Kamooh has a very special cosmic connection with you, his priority is this very important event of his long life, that he has decided to prolong as Wohola is loosening the silver cord anchoring her to her physical shell to fly away free. Know that when we speak as the Greater Soul of our Sasquatch People, Kamooh is always with us and part of this 'We.' We speak as one voice and his is an ancient one among us.''

''The grief is for all of her loved ones and extended descent of which you are an offspring, who will not feel her hugs again nor hear her songs, but her memory will be revered as the Eldest Elder of our grandmothers who has walked with your people since many ages. Her departure coincides with a time when our Mother Earth suffers from difficult times. The joy fills our hearts while knowing that her interdimensional passage is done in higher dharmic consciousness, in the best interest of all living souls she will continue loving forever. Star Elders have prepared assistance for her long journey through cosmic star gates.''

''We know this is a lot of information for you to process now, so we will end this session. As you know, we speak with one united voice, in concert with the Council of Star Elders. But tonight, it is I, Bolo'Bolo, your closest Sasquatch relative, who is channeling our voice. It is I who appeared the most clearly on the images we gave you of us because I have been appointed with the mission of helping you and your allies communicators to connect your Human and my Sasquatch People, as our ancestor Elder Kamooh instructed me.''

''This is also my way of correcting my own karma with Humanity and I am grateful to you, Little Brother, for having helped me and some of my people to make Peace with your kind. Although I have three centuries of age, I am not an Elder of my People, barely a leader. Before we first met face to face near the Yukon, I was planting upside down big uprooted trees in the path of the bulldozers destroying my forest, angry at their painful disrespect. You arrived one year after square miles of my forests had been burnt, leaving me in great sadness and distress for all the lives lost, and surely with bad feelings towards Humans.''

''Thanks to our ancestor Kamooh who made us meet, you restored my faith in Humanity and hope that both our people can once again treat each other as brothers and relatives. To render the favor, I showed myself in the physical form when you asked to take images on last Full Moon, moving my fingers as fans and extending my hands in true friendship.''

''This is a gift from us to those who have been listening to our message and teachings, to testify that it is really is Sasquatch, who are asking you to be our voice and messenger. Many have seen my image now and I have felt their thoughts, most of which are positive. Reactions went from amazement or bewilderment, to strict denial that there is anything. As you know, we do not provide proofs for the unbelievers, only signs for the knowers.''

''We will not get any deeper here on our special connection nor in the family story that connects us both and does not concern others, but it is with honor that I am your relative. Not only do we share genetics from the same lineage, but you have assisted me in healing wounds from past interactions with Humans, by forgiving myself and the others. This might explain why I am being appointed as the voice talking to you on behalf of our Greater Soul, but as you have seen many times now, there are many interdimensional Elders guiding you and your allies walking on this path of interspecies spiritual relations. It is important to remember that we are many involved in this great cosmic disclosure. This is a crucial stage in the evolution of this home-planet that will decide of its destiny. The task and responsibility is bigger than any individual soul, so we all need our allies.''

''To conclude in linear timeline this episode, in this new cycle of messages, it has been a great honor and blessing tonight for me, Bolo'Bolo, to act as a telepathic relay between our Council of Sasquatch Elders and you, under the guidance of our Star Elders Council who have been instructing me and teaching me this wisdom, as I am passing it on to you. It is with mutual gratitude that we always meet and part as spiritual allies and relatives.''


Grandmother of Ancient Wisdom, that was photographed in 1986 at the 55-acre Butchart Gardens near Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
A copy of this photo can be found in the book "The Sasquatch People and their Interdimensional Connection" by Kewaunee Lapseritis
The photographer wishes to remain anonymous

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