27 November 2016

Silents are Empowered as Cosmics Arise ~ Gaia Portal ~ 27 November 2016

From what I've briefly researched and based on my own interpretation, "florentines" could have something to do with the Italian Renaissance, or even a Machiavellian influence. Then again, it could have something to do with the Medici family, who ruled Florence over a long period of time. They are involved in the banking as well as Papal circles. However, they have also been said to be connected with the White Nobility. All very contradictory.....

So in the various contexts, the message could be some sort of surrender, or a positive outcome being relayed to "Higher Ones".

"Gehenna" is much easier...."hell".

Source: Gaia Portal

Silents are empowered as Cosmics arise.
Florentines deliver the message to the Higher Ones.
Ecstatic communications are tempered with Joy.
Flowers are observed in Gehenna.

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