16 November 2016

Spiritual Awakening ~ Goodwill G Mosweu

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The essence of spiritual awakening or the awakening of consciousness is that the veil of ignorance is removed from your true beingness.

Notice how humanity has been conditioned by society, belief systems and political systems.

We have been conditioned such that we know only certain things and not stuff that really matters.

Right from the moment of birth, specific data has been imposed on you and you have been living life according to that data upto this point. And now when you experience a spiritual awakening, you start seeing things as they really are, you start understanding and knowing things that have been kept from you all this damn time. You start realising truth of who you are, what God is and what life is all about.

With this realisation, you automatically start to function from your authentic beingness, you start speaking your truth, you start living as a full-fledged evolved human being. That is liberation, that is the true salvation.

This is precisely what spirituality is all about. Being on a spiritual path essentially means seeking to connect with your true divine being or that which you refer to as God. The ultimate goal of a spiritual path is God-realisation.

You will be judged, you will be heavily mocked by your fellow beings, by those around you who do not understand. They are still clinging to the comfort that they have been given by the society and its systems.

So, do not waste your energy on them, just appreciate and send them love, that's all.

Their time will come hence it's only sensible for you to enjoy the fruition manifesting in your own path.

You will find that if you give them attention, you will divert from your path and this will be a major drawback.

Understand that maintaining focus on your path is key, so, don't allow anyone to divert you from your path, just be focused.

You are almost here, be easy about it.~

-Goodwill G Mosweu

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