22 November 2016

Spiritual Growth ~ Galactic Historian ~ 2 February 2016

Source: Galactic Historian

The feeling of isolation, loneliness, a sense of disconnection, I do not fit in with my family or friends anymore. 

This is probably one of the hardest parts of adopting a more spiritual perspective on life.

The people around you seem different to you or now seem different to times past. 

You can now see the deception of the media and news. 

Does the TV seems shallow and fake bordering in the insane. The standard diet does not suit you and can leave you feeling off colour or even ill. 

As your vibration changes so does your perspective on all of the above.

As we go through the Shift in Consciousness and we evolve into more awareness then the greater the need to clear our energy bodies. 

Having clear intentions and at the same time raising our awareness, not only of our present reality, but also other realities is crucial in raising the planetary Consciousness.

As our Consciousness rises then so does our ability to manifest and this is key to this process. 

If we are going to increase our ability to manifest, then we also need to have a clearer energy body. 

As we clear our energy body this has an effect on the world we live in and we are more capable of creating a positive, loving, caring society.

-GH Team

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