30 November 2016

The Collective Moving from the Third Dimension: Part One ~ Archangel Zadkiel via Jim Self ~ 29 November 2016

Source: Mastering Alchemy

Zadkiel: If a soul comes into form with a very intense expression and experiential level of second or third dimensional states of density, then the fourth, fifth and sixth Rays would be all that would be engaged for that soul. It would be unlikely that a soul would choose to come into that level of density if it had the state of consciousness of a higher dimensional component. But many, such as Buddha and Yeshua, did come in to that density and were able to retain a level of consciousness that enabled them to begin to transform that state in a very viable way.

Avatars who come into the physical realm for certain experiential reasons, or to elevate the consciousness of a particular planet or a particular collective grouping, would employ the energetics not only of the fourth, fifth and sixth Rays but the eighth, ninth and tenth Rays even though the state of consciousness of that planet or collective was constructed and held in the third dimension. This is what is occurring on the earth plane at this very time. Many have come to assist in that elevation and they have, through various applications of the energetics, altered the energetic patterns that were held in a very dense, coherent way.

There has been a shift out of the third dimension into the fourth, with the possibility of the fifth dimensional reality being constructed and being held in a coherent fashion so that the collective or the planet itself begins to create from that perspective. In their experience in form, they begin to utilize the energetic patterns of the eighth, ninth and tenth Rays in their creative process.

That said, before we go on I want to state that once that state is very much in place and utilized by the majority, the desire for more advanced states of consciousness will be present in that denser, experiential realm and they will elevate to even to higher states. This is where we are experimenting and where we are teaching you to construct the energetic components that can be used to provide the environment and stabilization in a coherent way so that those states of consciousness can be a viable expression in the physicality of the earth plane.

This can occur through teaching your students how to utilize the eighth Ray and the components of geometries. Teaching how to set that environment into various vibratory levels through using the sound current, through using color, through using light vibrations. There is also a process that energetically takes place with color and sound and light that not only utilizes the geometries but in which the geometries are created through color, through sound and are then adhered to one another in a very concise way so they are not isolated but are used simultaneously. This then creates variances and multiple possibilities.

This is an excerpt from a conversation between Archangel Zadkiel and Jim Self in the development of the Mastering Alchemy Lightbody course. Next week: Part Two

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