30 November 2016

The Divine Feminine Tsunami: Violet Flame Acceleration! - Aluna Joy Yaxkin - 29 November 2016

Fabulous update from Aluna Joy, this speaks to so many of us. I recently wrote about the Magenta Flame - I would like to believe that it's a version of the new, accelerated Violet Flame to which Aluna refers. She also mentions the hunkering down in the past two weeks.... that's certainly what I had to do just so I could listen to my inner guidance again. And the "falling stars"....!

I couldn't copy the text from Aluna's fb page, so here's a screen shot of her introduction:
Source: Aluna Joy

More frequent energy reports and comments are posted only on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/alunajoyyaxkin.)

Where we are today has been building for eons, but we really began to take notice this year. And here we are at the biggest jump off point that I think we have ever experienced in this life time! If you are not feeling quite ready for the current energies, join the club... and keep reading. We have hope and solutions.

Ascended Masters all over the world are upgrading and turning UP the volume in many power points on the Earth. This action is a cleansing, purifying, violet flame on steroids according to Archangel Michael. I have been shown Mt. Shasta quite strongly, also lake Titicaca; both are major hubs for releasing this energy. Others hubs include Uluru, Glastonbury Tor, Avebury, Palenque Mexico, Sedona Arizona, the crystal mountains in Arkansas, Lake Louise in Canada. Quirigua Guatemala, Ollantambo Peru, Tiwanaku Bolivia etc.... The power hub list just goes on and on.

Recent energies over the past months have been a self-leveling time line backwash, taking us to a depth that I have not felt for 33 years. We are in the middle of a shifting paradigm hurricane. It is massive and seriously uncomfortable for sensitive ones, and it is supposed to be. We can go a little crazy just before we have a quantum awaking. This awakening is not just for the elite and the conscious few. This is global, and most of humanity will be touched by this event.

There is a massive overhaul of all shadow aspects of humanity happening right now. What was effective before, no longer is, as the costs is too high to bear any longer. Ego lessons have been simply brutal, and our self-esteem and self-knowing is under repair and rebalancing now. Many have had an avalanche of body issues that are now beginning to clear as well. Emotionally it has been insane. But now we know where all our weak or sore places are. This time it showed us how far we were off our path, blinded by an old paradigm ... or did it? Did we just have a huge wake up tsunami!

Please read on....

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